Juggernaut, Yunero Guide and Walkthrought

Yurnero is a DPS hero who is remarkably strong throughout the entire game, as opposed to many other Agility heroes. His Blade Fury is easily capable of killing enemy heroes early game with the combination of any other disable, and also allows him to escape readily with its Magic Immunity; in contrast, Healing Ward has the most potential of any healing ability in DotA, but is only truly effective late game. His most famous skill, however, is his Ultimate Omnislash, which can singlehandedly kill one or two enemy heroes if they're caught alone. Slicing through armor with the greatest of ease. Whirling, dancing like a dervish, swiping foes with a flick of the wrist. Poetry in motion, slashing enemy upon enemy in the blink of an eye. Yurnero seeks perfection. Seeks to become one with his blade. All to fulfill his destiny as the unstoppable Juggernaut.

I. Basics [Stats + Skills]
II. Skill-Build
III. Item Build
III-2. Alternative Items and Bad Items
IV. Strategy Section
V. Allies and Enemies
VI. Conclusion

I. Basics [Stats + Skills]

At Level 1:

Name: Yurnero Strength: 20 + 1.9
Affiliation: Sentinel Agility*: 20 + 2.85
Damage: 44 - 48 Intelligence: 14 + 1.4
Movespeed: 305 HP: 530 Range: 100 (melee)
Mana: 182 Attack Time: 1.42 (+20%)
Armor: 3.8

Slightly above average MS and decent starting HP. His starting damage is low, so it's a bit hard to last-hit.

At Level 25:
Name: Yurnero (This does not change)
Strength: 65 Agility*: 88
Damage: 112 - 116 Intelligence: 47
HP: 1385 Mana: 611
Attack Time: 1.10 (+88%)Armor: 13.5

Quick Facts:
Primary Role: Carry Hero
Secondary Role: Ganker
Survivability: Moderate, due to skills
Farming Ability: Decent
Disabling Ability: Nonexistent
Overall Skill Requirement: Low-Moderate


For more information, refer to the DotaPortal page; I will reference it.

Blade Fury

Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Yurnero, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.
Lasts 5 seconds.

Level 1 - Deals 80 damage per second
Level 2 - Deals 100 damage per second
Level 3 - Deals 120 damage per second
Level 4 - Deals 140 damage per second

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Mana Cost: 110 mana

Bladefury can put out some serious damage earlygame if used properly. If Yurnero dual-lanes, it should be with a disabler; the two may be able to go for first blood.

This provides magic immunity, essentially like a decayed BKB with a better cooldown and some AoE damage. It can be used to escape.

Yurnero can apparently attack buildings while using this. This is a slight boon to pushing, because if you get surrounded with creeps, you can theoretically Blade Fury and still retain DPS on the tower or racks or one of those filler buildings in the bases. Note that the correlation does not imply causation; Your attack is damaging the building, not the Blade Fury.

You can use abilities during the duration of this; while it dispels buffs, you can activate... let's say, Boots of Travel or a TP scroll during the duration and escape. This makes it an excellent idea to keep some method of teleport on hand.

Healing Ward

Summons a Healing Ward that heals all nearby allied units' life.
Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 1 - Heals 1% of hit points per second
Level 2 - Heals 2% of hit points per second
Level 3 - Heals 3% of hit points per second
Level 4 - Heals 4% of hit points per second

Cooldown: 75 seconds
Mana Cost: 140 mana

Healing Ward can eventually increase the longevity of your team considerably: A 1500 HP hero will recover 60 HP per second at the maximum level, a 2000 HP hero will recover 80 HPS, and so on. This does not negate lategame damage, but it can allow a hero to live the extra 2-3 seconds required to pull off something drastic that turns the game around.

Healing ward can move at 150 MS; take advantage of it.

When playing AGAINST Jugg, make sure the Healing Ward dies. Otherwise, you're letting the other team dance on your grave.

Blade Dance

Yurnero's cunning blade gives him a chance to deal double damage on each attack.

Level 1 - 10% chance
Level 2 - 18% chance
Level 3 - 26% chance
Level 4 - 36% chance


Blade Dance improves your damage by 36%. This is not as immense as... let's say, Mortred's crits (45% total), but they come out much more often. It's nice.

Blade Dance should not be skilled early to make last-hitting easier.


Yurnero moves around the battlefield, slashing many enemies. Yurnero becomes invulnerable while Omnislashing.

Level 1 - Attacks 3 times. 200 mana, 130 sec cooldown
Level 2 - Attacks 5 times. 275 mana, 120 sec cooldown
Level 3 - Attacks 8 times. 350 mana, 110 sec cooldown

Omnislash is very powerful, but it's not your only way of killing.

With enough IAS, Yurnero can fit in his normal attack between Omnislash's normal hits. This considerably increases its damage.

Clear out any creeps before using Omnislash, otherwise Yurnero will most likely attack the creeps instead, pissing you off.

This skill is taken from Final Fantasy VII: It is Cloud's ultimate limit break. Whatever. It's deadly enough.

II. Skill-Build

1. Blade Fury
2. Stats
3. Blade Fury
4. Stats
5. Blade Fury
6. Omnislash
7. Blade Fury
8/9. Stats
11. Omnislash
12-15. Healing Ward/Blade Dance
16. Omnislash
17-20. Blade Dance/Healing Ward
21-25. Stats

Earlygame, Yurnero suffers from a mana problem, due to his low starting mana and intelligence growth. It's not major, but you have to manage your mana.

Blade Fury is maxed out immediately because it's your best source of damage earlygame, allowing you to deal several hundred points of damage to an area by level 7.
Healing Ward does not heal enough HP at the beginning of the game to be cost-effective. It's more useful later when your team pushes; Get it at 12-15 if your team has started pushing, otherwise get Blade Dance.

Blade Dance is often added lategame, when you have higher DPS. Some people advocate getting it earlygame to assist with last hits, but I'd rather get stats: Would you rather have 2 assured damage, 38 HP, 26 mana, and a bit of armor, or a small increase in your chance to crit? Besides, critchance isn't that great if you don't autoattack, and you shouldn't autoattack earlygame (See strategy section for explanation).

I have reconsidered. With the levels of stats provided, Yurnero has enough mana to do a Bladefury-Omnislash combo at level 6; adding Bottle + Bracers + further Stats solves his mana problems. Get this when whenever you can get it. Level 1 does damage somewhat comparable to level 4 Blade Fury early on, but costs more mana and has a much longer cooldown. It could net you an early kill or save your life.

III. Item Build

Generally, I would build Yurnero, a DPS hero, as a DPSer. Profound, isn't it?

Ring of Basilus is seriously considerable as a starting item. It's not worth upgrading to Vlad's, but the mana regen, armor, and damage are great. Personally, I don't feel it's worth in a lane, but it's an excellent jungling item. I usually go tangos/branches for my starting build, but what you get is up to you.

To resolve mana issues, I use a combination of Bottle + Stats. I get stats earlygame because Blade Dance is pointless without autoattack (Last-hit/deny allows you a much more favorable balance of gold and exp). The bottle + innate regen, when completely consumed, provides 210+ mana, more than enough for two Blade Fury castings, or nearly one Omnislash. I don't get Healing Ward until level 12-15, so I don't have to worry much about it. In addition, you can refill it with runes, so etc.

Yurnero's HP growth isn't that great. A pair of Bracers not only solve it, but aid last hitting, armor, and any residual mana problems you may have through the game. They're also dirt cheap, coming in at only 1020 for both.

In general, Treads are good on Yurnero. When you initially buy these, buy the STR recipe; once your HP hits... I'd say 1500, convert them (Right click) to Agility treads. Boots of Travel are an option too, as they add considerable mobility (Good for Blade Fury and escapes), and help with your farming, but Yurnero doesn't have an IAS-based steroid skill; Power Treads in AGI form can give 40% IAS. I choose Treads mainly for the statistical support and the IAS.

After these basics, which fortify your MP/HP, give you slight damage, and other useful benefits, you have to choose your core DPS item. I take into consideration not only raw DPS, but cost and other factors.

DPS is computed with a level 16 Yunero with level 4 Blade Dance and AGI power treads. Note: Attacks Per Second (APS) x Damage x Crits.

Attacks per second formula = (IAS + 100)/170
Critical hits add an average of 36% damage; 36% to deal 100% more damage (2x total).

At level 16, assuming you have two Bracers and Agility Power Treads:
([102 IAS + 100]/170) = 1.188 APS
1.188 attacks per second x 98 average damage * Blade Dance Crits (36%) = 158.4 average DPS.

The items I feel may benefit Yurnero the most Mjollnir, Butterfly, and Monkey King Bar.

MKB has 80 damage, 15 IAS, and 35% chance to deal 100 damage, which is averaged to 115 damage.
([117 + 100]/170) = 1.276 APS
1.276 APS X 213 average damage x BDCrit = ~369 DPS (MKB gives approx 211)
Costs 5400 gold. (2600 + 1400 + 1400), 0.039 DPS/gold
MKB also has a ministun.

Butterfly has 30 AGI + 30 damage/30 IAS. 60 damage/60 IAS.
([162 + 100]/170) = 1.541 APS
1.541 APS X 158 damage x BDCrit = 331.168 DPS (Butterfly gives approx 172.77)
Costs 6000 gold. (3300 + 900 + 1800), 0.029 DPS/gold
Also has 30% evasion.

Mjollnir has 35 AGI, 35 Damage, a 20% chance to proc a 200 damage Chain Lightning. The Chain Lightning will be reduced to 150, assuming 25% magic resistance. This will average out to 30 per attack on the first target after formula.
35 IAS, 70 damage, 30 magical after fact.
([137 + 100]/170) = 1.394 APS
(1.394 APS X 168 damage x 1.36BDCrit) + 30 average magical damage to initial target = 348.5 DPS (318.5 without counting lightning, 190 total)
Costs 6550 gold (3250 + 3300), 0.029 DPS/gold
Also has a Static Charge proc.
The actual damage is higher due to the fact that Chain Lightning hits more than one unit.

MKB has the highest damage and gold-efficiency, however it has a poor buildup and is slightly annoying to farm. It does have a ministun, to its credit.

Butterfly adds the least DPS, and is less gold-efficient, and is a bitch to farm (at least early-midgame). However, it adds evasion, armor, and much attackspeed to Omnislash.

Mjollnir is probably the easiest to farm up (Due to having Maelstrom as an ingredient), adds some armor-bypassing magic damage, has decent damage, and so forth. It chews up an orb effect and is slightly inefficient (mainly because Eaglehorn has a crappy DPS/gold ratio). Butterfly and Mjollnir add some degree of armor.

MKB provides the most efficient DPS/gold, doesn't chew up an Orb like Mjollnir, and so forth. It's your first DPS item. Note: The 6.58 change made MKB even better, so there's less contest.

I consider these items the core of the build; they only cost 8870 (barring any price changes), and everything is easy to farm (MKB has even been made slightly easier to farm with its recent buff).

Next, I buy Stygian Desolator. Desolator provides no IAS, but the armor reduction is handy, especially if you have to Omnislash in the middle of a 5v5. And you probably will. It's also quite cheap. The armor reduction on Desolator should add about 20-30% damage against most players; your mileage may vary with their armor development.

In most cases, this will be superior to Butterfly as a second DPS item. I assume, for these calculations that Yurnero is level 25, has all the items mentioned, and the next item bought.

([169 + 100]/170) = 1.582 APS
1.582 APS x 255 Damage per hit x 1.36BDCrit = 548.76 DPS

With Butterfly:

([229 + 100]/170) = 1.935 APS
1.935 APS x 315 DPH x 1.36BDCrit = 829.08 DPS
Remember, 30% evasion. Again, the DPS and armor are very handy, but remember that in spite of all its advantages, it doesn't build up well and provides lower DPS/gold than the other main Tier 4 DPS items.

With Desolator:

([169 + 100]/170) = 1.582 APS
1.582 APS x 315 DPH x 1.36BDCrit = 677.72 DPS
Looks a lot lower, but don't forget that armor factors in. Against an enemy with let's say... 10 armor, Desolator improves your damage by 34%

677.72 x 1.34 = 908.1448 DPS
Not all heroes have 10 armor, but it's much better than Butterfly when you factor in cost. To exceed Butterfly's DPS with this build, Desolator must increase your damage by about 23% or more, including its base damage. In fact, it will, except against enemies with extremely high armor (such as Dragon Knight, Lich, some AGI heroes, smart tanks, etc.)

Desolator isn't great as a first DPS item for most heroes because armor reduction essentially works on a percentage-based basis. If you have a lot of DPS, armor reduction will mean more; Increasing your damage 25% means more if you have 200 damage before as opposed to 100.

An interesting note: At this point, with level 25, maxed stats, and my item build, you will have 169% IAS, which translates to between 5/6 Omnislash hits. This is hard to exceed. (Sourced from the Wiki on DotA Allstars; check the Omnislash chart).

If the game continues (kind of doubt it), you may need considerable survivability investment. Since your armor is very high already, a Heart of Tarrasque will add tremendous EHP (effective HP, check the formula in the post linked at the bottom of the page) and decent regen.

Then, the Butterfly becomes even more useful, as you're running out of good damage items and the evasion will up your EHP further.

And if the game STILL continues, an Assault Cuirass will (while giving you overkill armor) increase your damage even further due to IAS and armor reduction, while allowing you to push lanes even faster (as if you weren't already fast enough).

If the game hasn't ended after that, I don't know what to tell you. Practice pushing earlier in the game, before things turn stalemated.


This is another possibility. The skill build stays the same, and you still start by buying a Bottle. This focuses on pumping Yurnero's ganking skills. You gain residual pushing and farming ability from the build. Remember, if you go this way, you'll have to run around a lot and set up a ton of ganks, which will interfere with your farming. Blade Fury will be your lover; a ganking Yurnero will want to milk everything he can get from it.


- You have higher DPS carry heros on your team, like Terrorblade or an imaging hero
- Your team has huge amounts of disables, allowing you to use Blade Fury to the maximum effect. These are likely to involve many earlygame heroes; so you'll want to end it earlygame and ganking comes in handy.

- The enemy team has chosen many heroes which have to be ganked frequently to slow them down, at risk of your team being overrun lategame.

You also get Bottle as a ganker; you'll need the regen to keep up your longetivity. Besides the heal, you can pick up runes to refill your bottle, and sometimes provide other benefits. When playing a ganker, you can benefit from all the runes, but Haste and Invisibility are the best as they directly improve your ability to damage opponents with Blade Fury. Illusion helps you decieve an opponent by sending out images to various places. Regeneration is like your bottle on steroids, while Double Damage will make you much scarier.

The first major item would be Boots of Travel; combined with your above-average movespeed, allows you to Blade Fury very effectively. The teleport improves your mobility further; you can stop pushes, join your teammates, and so forth.

For this build, I would suggest Radiance as your core item. This is basically your best option for damage if you play Yurnero as a ganker; there really aren't many other options, with the possible exception of Diffusal ->? Manta (Yurnero doesn't, however, really have the stats or synergies to be a Manta bearer) This will improve your ganking ability substantially, mainly due to the immolation (adding 35 DPS to your Blade Fury adds up to about 33% more damage if you consider magical resistance). You might be able to get in a melee hit while chasing, and the +60 damage will make it hurt a lot more. Get it before the 30 minute mark if you can, as the impact of Immolation dwindles with time.

Afterwards, work on items to improve your DPS and Omnislash. I would probably go for Butterfly here, as your IAS is rather low (we didn't focus on it) and needs improvement.

III-2. Alternative Items and Bad Items

Starting with the alternatives that can be used to good effect on Juggernaut, we go into the land of crap, and then finish with some speculation.

The number one point of possible dissent, and a very good item to consider. These shoes work just like the ruby slippers in Wizard of Oz; you click your heels together three times (or is it two now?) with closed eyes, and say "There's no place like [wherever you're teleporting to]". It has great synergy with Blade Fury; if you buy it, consider Radiance to enhance your chasing powers. The drawbacks though, include less stats, weaker Omnislash, and greater cost. It's up to you, but whatever you do, play to your footgear's strengths.

Good if you go for Boots of Travel. It has to be rushed to be effective, as enemy HP gains reduce its potency. BoT + Radiance trace out an effective ganking Juggernaut; you can chase effectively, and need not even hit the enemy to do some damage. The 60 damage and 8% evasion are decent additions to your power, too. Not to mention that you can farm and push nicely with this item.

Another high DPS item. The main problem with this is that Desolator is a better orb effect in many cases, although the magical damage can help against high armor types. The other problem is price--this is usually a rather inefficient source of damage. Still worth considering as it's easy to farm and has a multitude of benefits.

Not the worst thing you could buy. Juggernaut actually needs most of what this item provides, and likes the rest. It's also VERY easy to farm, as each part is very inexpensive. The main problem with this item is that it's very unfocused and doesn't, in my opinion, give enough of anything for most heroes. This will net you a grand total of 31% IAS, 28 damage, 304 HP, 12% IAS, a decent maim, but whatver. In my opinion, the quicker you can damage an opponent, the less time it has to react, escape, be rescued by friends. Still, some people like getting it: if you have frequent success with this item and you feel it's the cause, tell me. It definitely suits a ganking Yurnero; with this + BoT/Radiance, you will move very fast and keep your opponents slowed; especially nice with Blade Fury.

As I see it, the problem with this item is, assuming you build the way I did, that you already have everything this item provides, and better too. A bottle only costs 600 and allows you to regen substantially from it, not to mention the runes. The damage is really not that impressive (4785 for 65. How about 5400 for 80 + what averages out to 35?), and while the cleaves help with farming/pushing, Yurnero is already a good farmer (decent attack animation/damage, BLADE FURY). While cleaves + crit are a good combination, I'd rather not rely on my opponents standing where they can be cleaved. Personally, I get the feeling that most people get it just to see Yurnero jump up and down constantly as if he's critting. I've heard that extra attacks in Omnislash cleave, but it's counterproductive as usually you want all your Omnislashes to hit one opponent.

NOTE: if you have Engima or Magnataur, or another hero that can forcibly cluster heroes in a small area, Battlefury will suit you much better. In that case buy Perseverance instead of Bottle, and finish Battle Fury instead of building MKB.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to get this earlier on Yurnero, but it never is to rush it. The buildup is subpar and were it not for the evasion, it would have nothing over MKB and Buriza except IAS. What sets this apart is said 30% evasion which is, to put it simply, very good. The armor's also good, but not substantial. If you're facing a very physical-DPS based team, consider picking this up instead of Desolator (However, still see "Assassination" part of strategy section).

lol no--The damage and the bash are both subpar. I've seen the occasional recommendation for this, not sure why.

A controversial item in general. The movespeed and attackspeed are very useful to Yurnero, and the lifesteal is nice, but as I see it, there are three main problems to this.
1. Yurnero is fragile, so using MoM on him is quite dangerous. The 20% damage you take afterwards could kill you, and even with the survivability items we get on Yurnero, he's not a tank.
2. It chews up an orb effect. You have Healing Ward, which offsets your need to leech.
3. This really doesn't leech all that much. Let's say you had 100 damage per hit (an easy to obtain figure); you would only net 17 per hit from this. Worse is that you have to autoattack to gain the benefit of this; which is counterproductive untill you can at least out-DPS your own Blade Fury.

Honestly, it's not THE worst item you can get, but it's not a good choice.

This is the worst item. Not that you would consider it, but I do like to bash on Dagon. It just doesn't synergize with many heroes.

Popular and bad on most heroes. This is a good item for Yurnero, but only if someone else wears it. While this has 3 auras that could possibly be of interest to you, they really aren't worth it. Firstly, lifeleech is of little use to you for reasons already discussed--to this item's credit, it doesn't take up an orb. Secondly, Command Aura adds damage. But it doesn't add enough--If we had 100 damage, this would add 15. But we already get MKB, which adds 80 (+ 35 unreliably). A bit more efficient, even when you consider the damage per gold. Brilliance Aura is negated by our bottle. Devotion Aura is useless to Juggernaut. Leave this to the rare hero that can use it. In public games, leave it to every other sucker.

The "Dominate" ability intrigues me on this item, but does that justify getting it? I don't think so, but having a centaur War Stomp an enemy could come in handy for ganks. Try this item out, folks, tell me your opinions. It's better than Vladmir's Offering, or so I think. It can be upgraded to Satanic later.

IV. Strategy Section


In the earlygame, Yurnero is already fairly useful due to Blade Fury. This allows him to gank heroes, lane decently, or play in the forests.

When laning normally, buy 5 GG branches and 3 sets of tangos. If you randomed Yurnero, exchange 2 of your branches for circlets.

Where to Lane:
It's best to lane Yurnero with some sort of disabler--the lane control you will gain from this is considerable, and you may be able to go for an earlygame kill.

Don't solo with Yurnero if you can. He's not horrible at it, but he lacks fire-and-forget harassing like a ranged attack, an orbwalk, a targeted nuke. Blade Fury is dangerous, but someone like Lich or Warlock is more so earlygame.


Suffice it to say that Yurnero is a capable jungler, again due to Blade Fury. However, like everyone else, you will have pull creeps from your lane early on, at least for the first few levels.

Don't jungle if you have someone like Terrorblade, Chen, etc. in your lane.

The screwball text refers to Roshan. I apologize for my demented sense of humor.

The white circles are camps where you can easily pull your lane's creeps to early on. In fact, they seem to be the only place where it's worth doing, but I'm not sure about that. These contain most anything, but if you creep-pull well you can take them.

Buy a Ring of Basilus and some healing salves; the mana regeneration, armor, and damage will be extremely helpful in neuting. You also want to be able to recover from damage, and salves are great in the jungle, not to mention that you can save friends with them if need do.

Neutral creeps initially spawn 30 seconds into the game, and respawn every minute. If you have vision of a camp, it will not spawn creeps. From there on, it takes about [time? Please tell] seconds for your creeps to arrive. When your creeps are in the center of the lane (either center top or center bottom depending on your side), you lure the neutrals out (Be warned, you have to be fairly close to get them to attack you) into your lane. They WILL go back, but if you time it right, your creeps will attack and chase the bastards. They will act as tanks, and all you will have to do is last-hit the neutral creeps. It takes some time for the neutrals to respawn.

The second camp that I would hit would be the level 2 "weak" camp, which is indicated with a square on the map.
In my experience, one of five creep combos appears:
1. Forest Trolls + Priest
2. Forest Trolls + Kobold
3. Kobolds
4. Ghost + Felhounds
5. Gnolls

These are very easy to kill; one blade fury will leave them very weak. From then on, you should be level 2 (maybe closer to 3 in EM); once you reach level 3 and level Blade Fury to 2, you should take off.

If you have to go to the fountain, you have to go to the fountain. Remember, though, that you have clarity potions to chug, extending your longetivity. This is also why we do creep-pulls to avoid damage.

There is the possibility you will be ganked; very low in public games, but much higher in higher level play. If you get ganked, and you have Blade Fury up, use it as an escape tool; the magic immunity will save you from nasty disables.

Again, don't solo if you have the option of not doing so. Yurnero thrives in a dual lane with a disabler like Rhasta or Lion.

You will have to last-hit/deny. Yurnero has a decent attack animation, but his base damage is low. However, your damage grows quickly due to the fact you're pumping stats and have high AGI growth. He's got a bit of a backswing, so after executing an attack, spamclick on the ground somewhere to avoid it. If you don't last-hit, you'll miss out on lots of gold as creeps will steal your damage. If you don't deny, your opponents will level up faster and earn more gold; making them deadlier, earlier.

You also want to avoid using Blade Fury on lane creeps early on just for farming's sake. Blade Fury is a very potent pushing tool, but if you push earlygame you will make yourself vulnerable to ganks. If you're deep in enemy territory with little ability to escape, you can say goodbye to the money you earned from your tower kil/creep kills.


If you get ganked, Blade Fury may save you from whatever nasty nukes you're targeted with. 5 seconds of magic immunity from level 1 is nothing to scoff at. Standard escape rules apply--try to flee TOWARDS help, not away from it; if you can juke opponents by suddenly changing direction, consider it.

Yurnero does not openly seek out ganks (unless you build him as a pure ganker), but when the opportunity arises, he should consider it. When ganking, you want to sneak up on your enemy, and if possible, cut off their escape route. Yurnero should not initiate the gank, having no disables or snares. He should sneak up behind the opponent and cut off escape. Consult this diagram.

Yurnero has SOME 1v1 potential, but he's not a hero I would usually have "duel" a hero; i.e have them attack each other and not neccesarily have one running away from the start. Therefore, I generally feel that Yurnero needs to focus on his DPSing abilities, which is why I try to build up Yurnero's damage abilities quickly.

Let's say your core item was Sange and Yasha. Your chasing abilities would be great, and you'd be able to kill any hero in (for convenience reasons) 20 seconds. However, in 20 seconds, an enemy hero could easily come to your victim's rescue, possibly leading to your death. Now, let's say, instead of S&Y, you bought a Monkey King Bar. You would not chase as well, but you would be able to bring a hero down in (again for convenience reasons) 8 seconds. 8 seconds is much less time for enemies to save your victim from your wrath. The chances of them getting away are higher, but that's why they invented teamwork: Have a friend help you unless your opponent is truely unable to escape.


Carry Yurnero mainly needs to farm during this stage of the game. Ganker Yurnero needs to continue ganking, and kill creeps whenever he can. Both builds have an effective Blade Fury; this can take out an entire creep wave if you position it properly.

If your team is pushing agressively by this point, you need Healing Ward. If you don't have it, start leveling it. Try to lay it down just behind your team so that they get the full benefit, but it's difficult for enemies to get at and destroy. Remember that the ward can be moved, so as your push continues, bring the ward up. However, if nobody's really pushing, you can probably skill Blade Dance without fear of reprecussions. 36% increased DPS comes in handy if you have some items.

Continue to gank, either when you smell easy money as Carry, or all the time as Ganker. By now, you will have Omnislash, which will do a LOT of damage to one hero if you aim it properly. Essentially, that means make sure nothing's around. If you Omni in the lanes, watch out for creep waves. They spawn every 30 seconds, so you have to develop some awareness of the time. Of course, if you Omnislash in the jungle, you'll be a happier Yurnero (and maybe also a richer one).

In team battles, do not initiate. Yurnero is the type to go in while heroes are distracted and deal some heavy damage. Place a Healing Ward if possible/neccesary. You can use Omnislash to pick off stragglers and escapees, but you may not have the opportunity.


In general, midgame and lategame are similar for Yurnero, but in the lategame, Yurnero can be more aggressive due to his better DPS. Your lategame begins when you have some DPS items. You won't have much time to farm further most likely; team-battles will occur all the time.

If you went Carry Juggernaut, and have a desolator, an Omnislash can spread armor reduction to the enemy team very quickly. Obviously, you won't be doing mass damage to one hero, but if your team is DPS'ing the affected heroes, they'll be happy for you.

There is very little here to say that has not already been stated. Expect further expansion, though.

V. Allies and Enemies


1. Stuns and Slows:

These guys are ALWAYS your best friends. Happen to be laning against that pisshole Lich? Get Rhasta to shackle him, allowing you to position Blade Fury. Victims will either die or be horribly maimed.

2. Other Disablers:

Happen to be offended by the fact that Mortred's physical attack can wear you down during your Blade Fury? Have Drow slow her attack. Have Magnix offer it some beer. Have Axe take the pressure off you with a well placed Berserker's call. These people most likely help you just as much as category 1, albeit more subtlely. Great, innerit?

3. Damage Amplifiers:

As Yurnero lives to deal damage, any hero who can increase that is welcome. Slardar's Amplify Damage is GREAT for your physical attack. Pugna can decrepify an opponent, boosting the potency of your Blade Fury as well as rendering it harder to escape.


As examples.

1. Rhasta - With Shackles alone, Rhasta can hold a hero down for almost as long as your Blade Fury lasts.

2. Lich - Frost Nova serves to further your ganking ability, and by babysitting can ensure you an easy earlygame should you choose to lane.

3. Pugna - Earlygame, Pugna + Yurnero is an extremely scary lane. Decrepify + Nether Blast + Blade Fury will send everyone pissing their pants (or at least borrowed ones). Later, add Nether Ward for good times.


Yurnero does not have many hard counters, i.e. very few if any heroes can counter him completely on their own or without items. Here's some thoughts, though.

1. Mana Burn:

Sure, whatever. They're everyone's nightmare. Yurnero, by the way, is not the king of mana reserves, therefore, mana burn on him serves to deplete his mana more than kill him quicker. Either way, sucks, as you need that mana to use your cool abilities.

I'm not sure what else.

VI. Conclusion

Well, this section is sure conclusive, right?

Yurnero really IS a good hero. He IS at heart a carry, but he has some useful skills that expand him beyond mere farm-a-lot-of-items-and-then-ripthingstoshredsdom, and has a decent selection of items. His skills are just great. He's not overly difficult to play, try him out.

Get a good replay. If anyone wants to donate one, it'd be nice. Admittedly I don't generally play DPSers outside of pubs, so yeah.

Expand strategy section in general, as my knowledge improves.

Try out HotD and Blink Dagger. Both of them are cheap, useful items that provide another dimension to Yurnero; I don't know if they're worth expanding in that direction, but I should check.

Improve the "Ganker" build.

Wait till the fire turns green.


Firstly, diaz_leon for writing up some information on the inner mathematics of the game. I used the formulas to compute DPS and the table to get the figure with the Desolator. Check out the information at http://forum.esnation.com/showthread.php?t=19643

Secondly, the official website's hero builder helped me determine an item build and compute DPS in some examples.

Thirdly, if you can see this statement, consider yourself acknowledged in advance. I need the readers' responses to improve the guide.

Fourthly, Fred Astaire, for being a better match for Yurnero than the usual Cloud Strife; that's the person depicted at the title.


1. Blade Fury is essentially a spinning dance. No musical number included, though.
2. Healing Ward, as Yurnero's dancing makes everyone feel better.
3. Blade Dance. Do I really have to explain this one?
4. Omnislash is essentially a big, elaborate, virtuoso dance sequence.
5. Yurnero lacks hair. Fred Astaire lost his with time.

"He's graceful, yet masculine. So it's OK for me to enjoy this."

Lina Inverse, the Slayer Guide & Walkthrought

Lina Inverse is a powerful sorceress who is famous for killing bandits (to take their loot) and slaying dragons (accidentally destroying the occasional city in the process). She is quite adept at shooting fireballs at her enemies, and has also mastered more powerful spells like the Dragon Slave and the Laguna Blade. Concerned primarily with acquiring gold and powerful weapons, Lina fights for the Sentinel in exchange for a huge promised reward should she help destroy the Frozen Throne.

I. Hero Overview

  • Basic Stats
  • Pros
  • Cons
II. Overview of Skills

III. Skill Build

IV. Item Build

  • Basic Items
  • Core Items
  • Extension/Luxury Items
  • Other Items
V. General Strategy

  • Early Game
  • Mid Game
  • Late Game
VI. Allies and Enemies

VII. Replays

╪═ Basic Stats ═╪

Range: 600 | | Move Speed: 295 | Primary: INT
Str: 18 + 1.5 | Agi: 16 + 1.5 | Int: 19 + 3.2
Damage: 37 - 55 | HP: 492 | Mana: 247
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.77 | Armor: 1.2

╪═ Pros ═╪
++ long range
++ high int growth
++ spammable AoE nuke and stun
++ a decent support hero
++ good killer during early - mid game
++ strongest single target nuke
++ actually decent with dps items because of ultimate
╪═ Cons ═╪
-- low starting movement speed
-- fragile early game (low hp, low armor)
-- spells easily deplete her mana early game
-- low str and agi gain
-- hard to aim stun
-- slow as and animation

Dragon Slave (D)
A wave of fire that ripples out from the Hero, causing damage to land units in a line of 825 range. 0.5 second casting time.
Level 1 - 100 damage.
Level 2 - 170 damage.
Level 3 - 230 damage.
Level 4 - 280 damage.
Mana Cost: 90/ 105/ 125/ 140
Cooldown: 8.5

Dragon Slave deals damage in a rectangle in front of lina with a width of 275 AoE and a length of 825. Casting range of 600 units. Deals magical damage which is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance and is blocked by Spell Immunity.

Your main harassing and farming spell. It has quite a long range which will be discussed further in the guide. Together with LSA, use it to farm creepwaves with ease and also to chip away your enemy's hp from a distance. With its 8.5 sec cd, it's pretty much spammable provided you have enough mana and regen.

Light Strike Array (A)
Summons a column of flame that damages and stuns an area of 225 AoE for 1.6 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 90 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 150 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 210 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 280 damage.
Mana Cost: 90/ 100/ 110/ 125
Cooldown: 10

600 casting range. Has a 0.5 sec impact delay. Deals magical damage which is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance and is blocked by Spell Immunity.

Your only stun and a quite hard to aim one. This is best used in conjunction with an ally's disable for you to be able to land a perfect hit. If your enemy is moving, predict where they will be after 1 sec and aim your skill there. This can also destroy tress. In team battles this can stun multiple enemies and is also a good skill for farming coupled with dragon slave.

Ultimate (E)
Increases Lina's attack speed.
Level 1 - 10% increase for 20 seconds.
Level 2 - 20% increase for 25 seconds.
Level 3 - 30% increase for 30 seconds.
Level 4 - 50% increase for 30 seconds.
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 30

Doesn't get removed by Purge. Does not interrupt channeling spells like town portal when casted. This skill does not stack with any frenzy type of skill.

The skill that makes lina different from all the normal casters in the game. Some people tend to just leave this skill out for the last 4 skill points but a permanent (30 sec duration, 30 sec cd) 50% as is nothing to laugh about. Getting dps items on her will not be waste provided you get your priority items first. This skill coupled with the right items turns lina from a caster early - mid game to a battle caster late game.

Laguna Blade (G)
Fires of bolt of lightning at a single target, dealing critical damage.
Level 1 - Deals 450 (600 with Aghanim's Scepter) damage.
Level 2 - Deals 675 (875 with Aghanim's Scepter) damage.
Level 3 - Deals 950 (1250 with Aghanim's Scepter) damage.
Mana Cost: 280/ 420/ 680 (640 with Scepter)
Cooldown: 150/ 90/ 55

600 casting range. Deals magical damage which is reduced by Spell Resistance, and blocked by Spell Immunity and Linken's Sphere.

The deadly laguna blade. This skill is the strongest single target nuke in the game only competed by finger of death. Laguna Blade is what makes you a great killer early to mid game because you can already kill heroes even if they still have a big amount of hp left. Or when ganking and your carry hero is there, you can use this to heavily cripple your target's hp for your carry to kill him with ease. The true essence of lina inverse...

Knowing Your Spells

Range of Dragon Slave

The circle marked is where I targeted the spell and as you can see it has quite a distance, it's actually equal to your attack range of 600. The perpendicular line at the tip shows how far the spell actually goes in spite of the graphics. The parallel line in front of lina shows the aoe of the spell. Taking this illustration as consideration, simply clicking on the hero while aiming dragonslave is not the most efficient way of using the spell.

Range of Light Strike Array

This is the farthest you can cast light strike array without lina moving from her initial position. Like dragon slave, the max casting range of this skills is 600 which is actually your own attack range. Of course, you don't need to master the actual range unit per unit but you should just have an idea of its casting range; also take not of the skill's AoE.

Indication of Ultimate

So you know when ultimate is activated when you see the icon on your status and the smoke appears on your head. Unlike MoM's frenzy, you don't receive any additional damage when you get hit when you have this activated. It doesn't stack with MoM's berserk either or any form of frenzy.

Range of Laguna Blade

This is the farthest you can cast laguna blade without lina moving from her initial position. Like your other 2 nukes, its casting range is equal to 600 which is actually your own attack range. This is Lina's ONLY single target attack spell linken's sphere will waste it.

There's only one proposed skill build for lina inverse, a simple cookie cutter build.

Level 1: Light Strike Array
Level 2: Dragon Slave
Level 3: Dragon Slave
Level 4: Light Strike Array
Level 5: Dragon Slave
Level 6: Laguna Blade
Level 7: Dragon Slave
Level 8: Light Strike Array
Level 9: Light Strike Array
Level 10: Attribute Bonus
Level 11: Laguna Blade
Level 12: Attribute Bonus
Level 13: Attribute Bonus
Level 14: Attribute Bonus
Level 15: Attribute Bonus
Level 16: Laguna Blade
Level 17: Attribute Bonus
Level 18: Attribute Bonus / Ultimate
Level 19: Attribute Bonus / Ultimate
Level 20: Attribute Bonus / Ultimate
Level 21: Attribute Bonus / Ultimate
Level 22: Ultimate / Attribute Bonus
Level 23: Ultimate / Attribute Bonus
Level 24: Ultimate / Attribute Bonus
Level 25: Ultimate / Attribute Bonus

Light Strike Array: This is taken at level 1 to help if your team decides to do a lvl 1 gank. On the other hand, this can save you from an early messy situation when you encounter it. This is maxed second after dragon slave.

Dragon Slave: Your main harassing and killing/farming tool. This is maxed first because it is easier to hit than LSA and much more effective in harassing your opponent. It also has quite a long range so abuse it against them. Use this in conjunction with LSA to farm huge creep waves for easy gold.

Ultimate: The name is not to be confused with your ulti. This is learned at latter levels because lina needs more stats to boost her low hp and also to have enough mana to cast her 3 nukes. Increases as by 50% which makes getting dps items decent on her. If you are close to completing that dmg item, then better start investing points here. Unlike frenzy, you don't take extra damage while this is activated. This can be perma casted at levels 3 & 4 since the duration equals the cool down.

Laguna Blade: Your deadly ultimate skill. Get this whenever you can as 95% of your kills/ks during early to mid game will come from this. There is absolutely no reason to get this whenever it's available as the burst dmg it provides is too strong to pass up.

Attribute Bonus: Stats are good; just get it. No explanation needed...

Basic Items

Animal Courier - This little critter can save you traveling time from lane to base to get your items. It can deliver your items for you as well as some expendable items without you having to go back to base.

Ancient Tango of Essifation - Provides your minor HP regenerations so you can stay safe from some light harassments.

Healing Salve - This provides a great amount of regen for those near death experiences. If you are like 50 HP from dying salve is your choice. Early game regenerations determine lane staying power. Just make sure you don't get hit while using this as to not dispel it.

Clarity Potions - Although lina's spells are powerful, you won't be able to spam them very much due to your low mana pool early game. Constant regeneration to your mana will ensure that you can harass and farm with your spells. You can do zeus style and last hit with dragon slave to get that bottle sooner since lina really has crappy attack animation and damage early on.
Core Items

| Item Build order |
Bottle -> Bracer -> Boots -> Point Booster -> Dagger
Bottle - Lina has mana problems because she has 2 nukes to spam during early game and 1 heavy nuke to kill her opponents. The solution -> Bottle. Bottle provides burst regeneration which is perfect for spamming her skills as well as healing her fragile HP. This can also be used to store runes and it refills itself after a rune is used from it essentially giving you another round of HP and mana to stay and control your lane..

Boots of Speed - Lina doesn't have the fastest ms to not get boots. It lets you travel faster, makes catching up to enemies and escaping from them at the same time easier. No explanation required really...

Bracers - To be honest, Lina is as soft as paper with her hp. She needs hp for her to be able to survive in the field. Bracers are taken over nulls because she has high enough int growth and a hero without mana is wayy better than a hero without hp. She has mana regen from clarities, bottle, and some rune whoring for ganks. You can do a combination of bracers/nulls if you want that exta int depending to your playstyle. But always keep in mind that more hp lets you survive a bit more against spells and combos.

Point Booster - This item provides more raw hp and mana to lina using only 1 item slot and in addition, this can be upgraded to either a skadi or bloodstone, or aghanim's scepter, all of which lina benefits well from.. Since this will be upgraded to either of those items, this will not be sold later on.

Kelen's Dagger - While it's nowhere near as good as it was before in the 6.48 days, it's still a very viable item choice for lina. It makes her very versatile as it provides you with an escape mechanism as well as for backstabbing and surprise attacks, leaving your enemies little time to react and run from you deadly nukes. It makes aiming your LSA much easier but do be careful when you blink into an enemy because this becomes disabled for 3 secs if the enemy hero damages you.
Extension/Luxury Items

Boots of Travel/Phase Boots - Lina has 2 boots upgrades to chose from -> Boots of Travel or Phase Boots.

BoT's benefits, especially teleportation are very good complements to lina's aoe skills where she can wipe out a creep wave in seconds or be there to defend an enemy push. She can assure her team that she is there for a gank/push/defend if they need her. It also compensates for her slow starting ms and this will make ganking much more manageable..

Phase Boots is a cheap but good upgrade from boots of speed. It gives extra damage for those easier last hits and denies and given its cheap components and buildup. As a ganker, she already has crippled income because she does little to no farming at all and PB gives good benefits for a cheap amount that isn't really hard to farm for. The Phase ability gives her a spammable boost in ms which she really lacks that can allow her to chase and escape while she doesn't have dagger yet.

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse - Provides lina with great mana and mana regen plus the bonus hex skill that can aid you in terms of killing and surviving. It also gives a nice +10 to all stats and good amount of damage that will increase your dps even more. Get this when your team lacks disables to take down that enemy carry as hex can make even the most farmed hero useless for a few seconds where your team can pound on him nonstop.

Eye of Skadi - The luxury item of the year. You can upgrade the point booster in the core item build into this. Grants great survivability thanks to the high bonus stats which translates to more HP and mana and it can ensure that you survive a bit more in team battles. The frost attack will also come in handy because you can actually utilize it thanks to ultimate as it enhances your dps as well. Although a bit expensive, it's an excellent item to have next to guinsoo. You can get this as a last luxury item since it has really expensive parts but if the game drags along THAT long, it's viable to invest in skadi so you can enjoy the benefits of ultimate's increased attackspeed.

Linken's Sphere - A situational item for those teams that have deadly nukes and disables. Perseverance helps you regen HP and mana for staying in your lane and ultimate orb increase your stats and survivability. A defensive item but nevertheless a great item to have to that lets you spam your spells and aid your fragile hp during the mid levels of the game. When the enemy team has deadly nukes and disables, invest in this one to protect yourself from that first disable, which often times mean the line between tragedy and escape.

BloodStone - Another survivability item that boosts your hp and mana quite a lot. Since lina is a good hero killer during mid game you can build up your charges effectively and the bonus hp and mana regen each charge provides is very beneficial. Spam your spells at will and don't worry about running out of mana for that laguna blade. It also reduces the lost gold and resurrection time if ever you get killed and it restores 450 hp and 400 mana in a 1700 area where you died; you are able to support your team even at the last second.

Aghanim's Scepter - With this item, you boost your laguna blade's damage to 1250, the strongest single target nuke damage. It can easily kill int and agi heroes since they tend to have low hp or it can heavily cripple them during the start of team clashes giving your team no problems killing them. Also increase your hp and mana to a full extent giving you great survivability as well as enhancing your already deadly ultimate. Get this when your team has enough disables but generally lack some firepower in the team arsenal.
Other Items

Orchid Malevolence - It provides you with high bonus damage fit for easier last hitting and denying and great mana regen to spam your spells. The Soul Burn ability can further enhance your spells' damage to your targeted enemy. Since lina has an as increasing spell, this is a fit item for her to increase her dps for a cheap amount of gold all the while keeping the necessary int and mana regen to help her spam her spells. When it comes to ganks, LSA plus the silence can really help you kill those heroes with escape abilities like blink, windwalk, among others.

Mekansm - A good support item for the team as well as for yourself. If no one's buying this and your team needs it then you should volunteer to get this item if your team needs it. If your team has enough carries and gankers but generally lack a support hero, you can opt for this to support the team. The bonus stats can be helpful and the AoE heal can greatly supplement your team. Of course, do watch your mana before using this because don't forget she has 4 active spells to use.

DPS Items - DPS items are not usually worn by int heroes except if you are playing natural battle int types; however, lina has an as increasing skill in ultimate which gives a 50% increase which is quite a lot. Lina also has a high int gain which means her overall base damage is also quite high. But of course still being an int hero this items would be her last priority since she still needs to prioritize her hp and mana. After accomplishing that, treat yourself to dps items because by late game physical attacks are now more crucial as nukes start to lose their effectiveness.

Observer/Sentry Wards - In more competitive games, lina is sometimes used as a team warder because of her lack of item dependency. Using obs wards can also help you spot the runes since if you go bottle you can easily refill them and controlling the runes contribute a lot in controlling the lane. Wards can also help you gank when placed in the right places and also it can help you escape from attempted ganks. Sentry wards are there if you are facing an invisible hero or warding the enemy territory while pushing and defending against those windwalking heroes.

XXX Rejected Items XXX

Now I won't discuss every item that musn't be used on her because that'll take me such a long time. Therefore, you won't see very obvious stupid items here like vlads or bashers or the like..

Vanguard - Everything about the item is fine, except the cost. It gives 22 more hp than 2 bracers, but costing twice as much. You really don't tower dive early to kill your enemies because you have amazing burst damage that you can fire off from a distance. You really shouldn't tank creeps given your 600 range either.

Hoof of Defiance - Yeah so you have really high magic resistance, but no hp to back it up either. This may be feasible come mid and late game but by then more raw hp will take precedence than stacking magic resistance.

Lothar's Edge - Windwalk in, cast LSA - DS and then finish with Laguna Blade.. Seems rather ok but you spend all that gold just to be countered by 200 gold wards or 180 gold dust. If you want a chasing or escaping tool, dagger is way better to use because it's instant - you don't have to travel any distance and it has no real counters except for you to take damage. Plus, farming for lothar's takes too much of lina's time which would've been spent on ganking.

Sange and Yasha - If you want to build her as a battlemage, fine.. But there are a lot better orb effect items out there for you to invest in. For one, you just invested 5k gold on something that gives you 12 damage, big whoop. Lina can chase better with dagger instead of relying on the bonus ms of sny. Better invest that 5k gold for the completion of guinsoo or aghanim which gives you better and more benefits.

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└┼ Early Game ─┐

▌▌▌ Starting
After picking/randoming/swapping lina, buy the core items brought up in the guide. Learn Light Strike Array as your first skill and hopefull your team has picked a good lane partner for you like sven/leoric/raylai/etc.. and head into any side lane. If your team picked a babysitter to babysit your carry, opt for the short lane instead so they can have the safety of the long lane.
▌▌▌ Laning
  • Solo - If for some reason you had to solo, then might as well go for it as it's better than leaving the lane without any hero to defend it. It might be a bit difficult for lina to handle a solo lane much more against a dual lane because of her slow animation and crap attackspeed. What you can do, however, is to use you spells to lasthit much like a zeus would use arc lightning. This is where the amount of clarities plus bottle will come in handy if you are having a hard time with lina's animation. If your enemies are decent they WILL deny their creeps with much more ease if you don't be a bit aggressive.

    Look at the bright side, you get to harass 2 enemies with your AoE skills if they're a dual lane and you will be a bit higher in level so it's easier to kill with your DS + LSA + Laguna Blade combo. You have 600 range so take a cheap shot every now and then. But if you're up against a dual nuker or stunner lane, then better have someone go with you otherwise you're toast.

  • Dual Lane - It is preferable that you lane with an ally that has a disable or slow so you can land LSA easier and chain your disables and nukes. Always check for rune spawning so as to refill your bottle every now and then to help you keep yourself in your lane. If there's no rune spawn, you have your chicken with you to help refill and deliver your bottle..

    Click to enlarge

    Against your lane, let your ally initiate with their stun/slow first and then follow up with your LSA and dragon slave. This will deal considerable amount of damage early game and if you need to, regen your hp and mana with bottle if you have it. Always pick the easier to kill enemy to target your stuns and nukes so you can control your lane more. Use your aoe nukes to last hit creeps if you're having a hard time last hitting and also try to hit the hero with it if possible.

    Since you don't go mid, you don't have the pleasure of having easy access to both runes so if the rune is not at one spot, it can either be at the other spot or your opponent got to it first. If you feel it necessary, use obs wards to scout the runes. Ask your ally in the middle or in the other side to grab the rune if it's not in your place so you can start its respawn time. A common spot to place an obs ward to scout the bottom rune (left) and top rune (right). For more warding spots, visit my Kaiser Leon Dota Strategy #3: Warding Fundamentals.

In the earlier portions of the guide the ranges and aoe of her spells were shown. Now let's take a look how you can maximize them in real action.

Targeting the enemy directly completely ignores the impressive range of Dragon Slave. Of course if the enemy is just in front of you or is very close, then feel free to target them directly.

This types of maneuvering and ninja like aiming will surely make a lot of people jealous. If I just targeted the skill on the hero directly then huskar would've escaped because of lina's slow ms. Maximize the skill's range to make the most out of the skill.

Also take note of the casting time of LSA to make it hit even without an ally's stun. My enemy didn't have boots here so it was quite easy but when they have more ms then timing should be accurate. Consider also the spell's aoe...
|| Animation Canceling ||
Spam 'S' to stop her attack or even her spell casting in the instance you aimed wrong or you know it will miss, etc... Because of her lousy animation, it's actually hard to animation cancel with her at first because you might end up canceling the whole attack. What you can do, however, is to cancel a bit of her animation when she casts a spell so you can chain it up faster especially against heroes with blink or windwalk. Immediately cast the next spell after her arm extends and cancel out the animation where she returns to her up right position. See below.

└┼ Mid Game ─┐

▌▌▌ Ganking
The ganking routine of lina is pretty much the same with the laning part of her style. Since you have 3 burst damage nukes you are an excellent ganker. Hpefully this is the time when you acquire your blink dagger because it enables you to become a great ganker with the element of surprise plus your nukes. Activate ultimate if you have it and again just like the basics let your ally/s initiate with a stun or disable and follow up with LSA and Dragon Slave if needed then finish the enemy off with laguna blade. Bottle will let you refill a bit of your mana so save enough for a situational stun for emergency purposes. When ganking a hero with an escape skill use guinsoo/orchid to silence them after hitting them with your LSA.

The Scarlet's Combo

This will be your signature combo once you get your dagger. Lag can be an issue on how well you can perfom this combo but generally this is the way it goes. Basically blink in your opponent and target LSA around where he can move in the casting time of LSA so you can still hit them. Cast Dragon Slave and if you are sure you can kill them cast laguna blade. This can be easier if you had an ally disabler where you can save blink for catching up/escape purposes.

There are also some instances that you may need to use your laguna blade first when you initiate a gank since your other 2 nukes are AoE, you can still hit your enemy even if they manage to go invisible (if they can). Also when your gank turns out bad and you're about to die, try to cast your laguna blade on the most targeted hero so your ally/s can manage to kill him because of laguna blade's damage even if you die.

Now if you are ganking with your carry hero, then your job is to just deal enough damage for him to get the easy kill. Trust me, your ally carry will really appreciate your honor and team coordination. Consecutive ganking will make your enemies get on the defensive side and calling you missing won't make much difference. Always try to check the runes if you happen to pass by their spots.

You can use dagger in all sorts of situations from escaping to a sneak attack.


|| Farming ||
Lina's farming fortitude is actually very strong because of her 2 aoe spells. She can clear creepwaves easily netting her easy gold. One important thing to remember is that at mid game creeps' hp have increased thus the melee creeps can survive your dragon slave + lsa combo with below 30 HP but the ranged creeps won't. Once you cast 1 of those spells, let your own creeps damage them for a little bit so that when you cast your 2nd spell you kill them all. Even though lina is a great farmer because of her spells, it doesn't necessarily mean that she should be farming. Because of her high damage nukes, she's the type of hero who generally spends more time ganking instead of farming; which in turn gives the team carry more creeps to farm.

|| Escaping Ganks ||
You have an aoe stun plus your dagger so escaping won't be such a real problem. Use dagger to blink to inaccessible terrain or into the fog of war then use tp scrolls/BoT to escape. Never push if majority or especially if all of the enemy heroes are missing from the minimap.

└┼ Late Game ─┐

▌▌▌ Pushing
Use your spells to clear creepwaves fast provided that you have bought your mana increasing items. If ultimate is now at level 3 or 4, you may just activate it anytime since its duration equals the cooldown now. During team battles try to keep a safe distance from the front line but enough to get you in range for your stun easily. Use every drop of aoe spells you have and item skills such as hex and soul burn if your team has a targeted hero. If you have bought some dps items then more or less join in in the whacking and attacking of the battle and use your spells whenever they're ready. Use laguna blade to heavily cripple your team's focused hero because a red hp hero acts differently from a green hp hero. The enemy carry won't be so confident if he sees 1/2 of his hp gone just after 3 secs by lina. You can also use it to finish off fleeing heroes.

If the enemy team have some invi heroes then don't forget to place sentry wards before you decide to push. Also place obs wards to sides of the lane you're pushing just in case the enemies come from different directions. Use your stun to interrupt channelers.
▌▌▌ Defending
Pretty much like pushing except you're doing it in your territory and hopefully you have the assistance of your tower and its true sight. Activate ultimate and start whacking as well as spamming your spells. Place wards if ever the tower was destroyed and there are invi heroes in the enemy team. Do not stand in the front of the battle as you might get killed easily instead let your carry and initiators enter the battle first and stand safely behind casting spells and stuns and disables. Use dagger and laguna blade to finish any fleeing hero. Try to disable the enemy's dps hero first then kill the support heroes and save the tanks for last. Just literally spam your spells until the battle ends.

Interested Today