Kunkka, The Admiral Guide & Walkthrought

Kunkka is an extremely useful hero that fits into many lineups. He is an amazing ganker and his impact throughout the whole game should not be underestimated. Because I feel that some players underestimate this hero, I've chosen to write my own guide on him. Although he is hard to master, he is very fun to play and is extremely effective. This is a guide geared towards organized games, where you, your team, and your opponents know what they're doing.


+ A game-changing hero once mastered
+ Very fun to play
+ Has 1(.5) disables
+ Very good initiator
+ Excellent lane control via Tidebringer
+ Excellent ganker
+ Can roam, solo or dual lane.

- Fairly item dependent
- No real escape mechanism
- Slow attack speed
- Fairly mana dependent early game
- Requires practice to be effective
- Tricky to use

Skills And Spells


* Ability Type: Active
* Targeting Type: Area
* Ability Hotkey: E

Using his unparalleled knowledge of the sea, Kunkka is able to summon a blast of water at a targeted area. After 2 seconds a fierce torrent of water erupts from the ground, the stream blasting enemies caught in the AoE into the sky, dealing damage and slowing movement speed by 30%.

This is your main disable, and its very effective for ganking, escaping or initiating minor battles. It has an AOE of 225, costs 120 mana, has a casting range of 1500, a disabling period of 1.53 seconds and a cooldown of 12 seconds. All of these remain the same at all levels.
However, the length of slow (1/2/3/4) and damage (120/180/240/300) increases.

• Damage type: magic
• The initial bubble effect is only visible to allies.
• Units tossed in the air will be paused and still able to be attacked.
• Part of the damage occurs right as the torrent erupts, the rest occurs over time as the units are in the air.
• Don't underestimate the casting range of 1500. It is farther than you think, so don't be afraid to use it even if the enemies seem to be out of your reach.


* Ability Type: Passive
* Targeting Type: N/A
* Ability Hotkey: D

Daelin's legendary sword Tidebringer is infused with the very power of the sea. Akin to the ebb and flow, Tidebringer passively grants the hero increased damage and large AoE cleave for a single strike every once in awhile.

Your signature spell. Every 16/12/8/4 seconds, your sword will glow with water, which means you will gain a stronger attack (+15/30/35/60 dmg) and have a splash attack (AOE of 380/420/460/500) on the next attack that you perform. This is the spell that gives kunkka such good lane control. Excellent for harassing enemies and for getting last hits. Be careful not to push the lane too much with this, unless you are purposely trying to.

• Cleaved damage is only reduced by armor type, not by armor value.
• Cooldown is not activated on denies, so the damage bonus is maintained.
• If a hero is running away from you and there is a creep in front of you, attacking the creep will possibly splash the damage onto the enemy and maybe kill him/her. This is a slightly more advanced technique, but keep it in mind.

X Marks The Spot

* Ability Type: Active
* Targeting Type: Unit
* Ability Hotkey: X

In order to make an assembly for his troops, Admiral Proudmore targets a hero and marks its current position on the ground. After a few seconds, the hero will instantly return to the mark.

After you cast this on an enemy, an X will appear where they were when you casted the spell. Then, after 1/2/3/4 seconds, the enemy will return to the "X" location. Another useful spell that is extremely helpful for ganking and even escaping. Synergizes very well with your other spells, but can be tricky to use.
Has a mana cost of 80/90/100/110 and a very long cooldown of 30 seconds, so only use it when you really need to. Casting range improves per level (500/650/800/950 range). Again, very useful spell for many situations.

• If target becomes magic immune after this spell has been cast, target will not return to the X after the duration ends.
• It interrupts channeling spells.
• If the enemy is TPing, use it and they will return to where they TP'd away.


* Ability Type: Active
* Targeting Type: Instant
* Ability Hotkey: R

Returns the target to the X.

Simple as that; It immediately returns the target to the X, so you don't have to wait for the full 1/2/3/4 second(s). Very useful for returning them to a torrent that you have placed on the X. Costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

• This ability is automatically gained when X Marks the Spot is learned.
• Due to Kunkka's fairly long casting animation (0.51 seconds, which could mean the difference between hitting or missing your torrent), Return will take a moment to actually bring the enemy back.
• Using this spell alone makes Kunkka raise his sword. This is the casting animation for all your spells, so make use of this when chasing enemies. Cast return without using X Marks The Spot, making it look like you casted Torrent. Smart opponents will turn around or walk to the side, attempting to dodge the "Torrent", giving you and your teammates time to catch up.

Ghost Ship

* Ability Type: Active
* Targeting Type: Point
* Ability Hotkey: T

The admiral summons the mythical ghost ship S.S. CoCo to the battlefield. Allies are doused in Captain CoCo's Rum, inebriating them for 10% bonus movespeed and numbness to incoming damage, causing them to feel only half of the pain now and half after the Rum wears off. Enemies, pirates and scurvy knaves are dashed on the rocks for damage and a brief stun when the ship crashes.

This is a very complicated spell with many effects. Firstly, Kunkka raises his sword and a huge boat comes from behind him. The boat travels forward 1000 range and crashes, stunning all opponents in the 400AOE for 1 second, dealing 300/400/500 damage. All allied heroes, for the next 5/6/7 seconds, have their movespeed increased by 10%. Additionally, all allied heroes will take only 50% of the incoming damage for the 5/6/7 seconds, and will take the other 50% after 5/6/7 seconds. Since a large battle lasts around 6-10 seconds, you and your teammates will be able to tank a lot more in the battle, and take the rest of the damage after. I find this buff part of the skill unnoticed and underestimated, which is why I described it in detail. The cooldown for this spell is 100 seconds, which is short enough for you to use it to gank enemies, or in a 2v2 fight, for example. Use it to initiate battles, as it has a huge casting range, and so the damage reduction will be active during the fight.

• Damage type: magic
• Actual AoE of ship's collision is larger than the boat itself.
• The boat has a movement speed of 650.
• Damage dealt after CoCo's rum wears off is non-lethal and can never kill a hero. It leaves the hero with 1 HP.
• The boat does not crash exactly where you aim it. Instead, it heads that direction for 1000 range, then crashes. It takes practice and prediction to hit a perfect Ghost Ship.

Proper Building

Note: There are lots of skill builds that you could use (some people even suggest getting Torrent + X first for early ganking power, but this is very mana dependent, and Kunkka does not have great int gain early game. Don't do this unless you have a CM or Ezalor on your team, or if you have some other form of mana supply.)

Aggressive Dual Lane Kunkka

Level 1 - Torrent/Tidebringer
Level 2 - Tidebringer/Torrent
Level 3 - Torrent
Level 4 - Tidebringer
Level 5 - Torrent
Level 6 - Ghost Ship
Level 7 - Torrent
Level 8 - Tidebringer
Level 9 - Tidebringer
Level 10 - X Marks The Spot
Level 11 - Ghost Ship
Level 12 - X Marks The Spot
Level 13 - X Marks The Spot
Level 14 - X Marks The Spot
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Ghost Ship
Level 17-25 - Stats

Item Build

Recommended Items

A good item on every single hero, and Kunkka is no exception. You will get into a lot of sticky situations where the ~150 hp and mp could turn the tides of a fight. Always good to have this. The 3 to all stats from Magic Wand is also nice. Unfortunately, it becomes nearly useless later on, and still takes up an item slot.

Good to have 1 or 2 Bracers. Kunkka doesn't have great strength gain for an initiator, so the added hp and the boost of mana is always useful.

I prefer Phase Boots over Treads and Boots of Travel. The attack speed on Treads is wasted because Kunkka should never be attacking too much. Although teleport from BoT is nice, TP scrolls will be enough. Kunkka needs burst movespeed, so Phase Boots is preferred. Also, the phase ability is priceless. The +24 damage is good for last hitting as well.

Kunkka should be ganking a lot, so the "burst" heal is very useful for him. Refill it with runes between ganks. He takes a fair amount of damage and he uses quite a bit of mana, so Bottle is essential.

Always carry one of these. Whether its for escaping or defending, its always good to have TP scrolls on hand.

Extremely useful item for Kunkka. Unless you want to use Ghost Ship, Torrent, then watch the battle from a safe distance, get BKB. It will help you a ton in battles. Although you have no channeling spells, you are extremely vulnerable to spells and you, the initiator, will probably get targeted first. The 10 strength and 24 damage are always helpful. Keep in mind that every time you use BKB, it will lose 1 second of duration the next time you use it, so don't use it to dodge a Stifling Dagger. However, it will only go down to a 5 second duration, long enough to dodge the major spells in a team fight. Do keep in mind that bashes go through BKB.

Very helpful item for Kunkka. Since he is the initiator, hence the target, he will usually be aimed first. Activate your blademail as the enemies start to attack you, and with your 50% damage reduction from Ghost Ship, the enemies will take 2 times more damage than you.

Situational Items

Some people have Battlefury as their first core item, but although it is a nice item that synergizes with Tidebringer, it costs 4350 gold for a splash you already have. This can be a good item if your team has some sort of aoe disable that pulls everyone together (Magnus, Enigma, etc.). If not, it will not be as effective as it first seems. For 4350, you could have a BKB and a Bottle. Bottle provides more reliable burst heal for when you need it, and BKB provides 34 damage, 190 hp, and the priceless Avatar ability. Battlefury is not a total waste at all, but it is situational.

Useful for tanking, as Kunkka is the initiator, he will need the HP boost. He should not be going back all the time, so the 2% regen will go farther than you think. Always good for a strength hero.

Very useful item not only for you, but for your team. The -5 Armour reduction to enemies is like a free deso, and the IAS is quite nice if the game is lasting longer than expected.

Vanguard is a waste of money on many heroes, but getting it on Kunkka is a viable choice. He does benefit from what vanguard gives, since physical DPS is your main concern after BKB. Not a bad item for you, but definately not a must.

Pipe is another situational item. Because you have BKB, it could go to waste, but your team could greatly benefit from this. Synergizes well with Ghost Ship, but is geared more towards a defensive/safe strategy. Not a bad item at all.

Satanic seems perfect for Kunkka at first, providing survivability and lifesteal, but its not. Satanic lasts 3.5 seconds, in which you will get around 3 hits, 4 at the most because of your slow attack speed. The only way you could make this useful would be if you farmed a Hyperstone, but you'd be buying an item to make another item useful for you. Its like buying a Mystic Staff so you have the mana to use refresher. Although there are many cons to Satanic, pairing it with Buriza could be good, but that will take an extremely long time to farm, and you should not be focusing on that.

Both Hex and Shiva are very useful, but are a hassle to farm and delay other items that you could be getting. Situational, but look at your team's situation and be logical. If you have some extra cash, a hex could help a lot, and the stats from both items fit fairly well into your hero's needs.

Vlads is a good item on Kunkka only if nobody else on your team is buying it. Kunkka, again, is not the carry, so buying items like Vlads will help him and his team. Kunkka himself does not benefit greatly from Vlads, but the auras and lifesteal are always useful. Don't buy this only for yourself; Buy it if most of your team benefits from it.

Unless your team chooses 4 AOE Disabling heroes and does not need your help at all early-mid game, allowing you to farm 2 battlefurys, do not buy Mask Of Madness. Kunkka does not have the survivability to take the extra damage. Also, Tidebringer will not activate more often if you have faster attack speed; You will always have to wait 4 seconds for it.

Linkens could be useful on Kunkka, but if you have a BKB, you won't really need it. A good alternative to BKB though; The stat & regen bonuses are nice and a Spell Block every 20 seconds is great. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, but consider this item before getting BKB.

If you somehow are able to farm a Buriza and a Hyperstone, you will be a real threat. Although these two cost a heck of a lot, it will pay off after you see the critical damage splashed amongst the enemies. I don't recommend getting this item for every game, but it is definately a Luxury item if you can afford it.

Many people suggest getting Lothars as a core item, but it is way to situational and expensive for its use. It costs 3500 gold, and even though it gives you 125 backstab damage splashed among the enemies, and gives you an escape mechanism, you really need the gold for a BKB. Chances are that you'll get stunned for a long time in a fight, and without BKB, you are very vulnerable. Also, Lothars doesn't synergize with Torrent or Ghost ship, so only get this if the other team has few/no stuns, or if you are so farmed that you are confident that it will help you.

Rejected Items

This is a very good argument for getting Armlet. However, Kunkka does not have a great amount of HP, making it very risky to use Armlet. Also, Kunkka should not be built like a full DPS hero. Unless you buy Lifesteal and some survivability to make up for the 35 hp/second loss, the 2850 gold for Armlet could be used for more important core items. Lastly, Kunkka will not be the hero getting disabling support from the team. Instead, he is the AOE presence and should not be using Armlet, charging in and auto-attacking.

Again, Kunkka should not be continuously whacking the enemies in a battle. Although SnY provides decent movespeed and survivability, it costs 4500 Gold. Certainly not a good deal, especially for a hero like Kunkka. You already have burst movespeed from Phase Boots, and have better survivability from BKB.

Kunkka does not have excellent attack speed, so bashers is a waste. It does not give Kunkka things that he needs, and there are many other things that the money could be used for. Don't get bashers.

Hardcore DPS items are not recommended unless the game drags on so long that even Tidehunter is making a Buriza. Don't focus on farming these items. Instead, leave the gold for your carry, buy more practical items and gank.

The first two builds provide a solid, aggressive start that provides you with a fair amount of hp. Have your team's chick/crow grab you a bottle asap if you are farming well. You will need it because you only have 1 tango/salve. If you are facing heavy lane harassment, have the chick/crow ferry over a healing salve or two as soon as possible.

The third build is more defensive and provides more heal. They both give the same amount of strength, but this one is more safe incase you face heavy lane harassment. Feel free to switch the 2 tangos with 2 salves or 1 tango and 1 salve.

Core Items

Fairly straightforward Core build. You need Phase Boots for the burst movespeed and the priceless ability to walk through units. Bottle is required for the quick heal between ganks, and can be used to capture runes as well. A bracer is recommended just to provide that extra kick in HP and Mana. BKB is the first expensive but essential item that you should aim for. It provides nice stats (10 Strength, 24 DMG) and gives us the thing we need to be useful in team battles - Avatar. If you go straight for a strong DPS item here, you will die a quick and painful death after you use your Torrent + Ship combo. Lastly, always carry a TP scroll because you'll never know when you'll need it.

Lolwtf1!1 Nub guide writer forgot magic stick11!!lol!1one!
No, I didn't. Magic stick is the only item in your core that can be taken out because, as you can see, we already have a full inventory with this Core build. Although its always nice to have that instant heal, take it out if you know that you will need to buy other items. However, don't restrict yourself from buying it just because you're scared of a full inventory. You can always sell it. It costs less than 600 gold.

Luxury Items

Get these items if you really have the gold to afford it. There is no exact rule to what you "should" get after your core, so be reasonable. If you don't even get to attack more than once in a battle, please don't get Buriza. You will rarely have the gold to finish more than one of these items before the game ends, considering that you have bought your core items, so you don't have to be too worried about what exact Luxury Item to get. Again, be reasonable and look at the game's situation.

DotA Allstars 6.66b Download and Changelog

DotA Allstars 6.66b was released. New Doom Bringer was nerfed so now he’s not so monstrous. A lot of bug fixes and other stuff that will make DotA one step closer to the ideal game.

DotA Allstars v6.66b Download


* Fixed a major exploit recently discovered

* Recoded Bounty Hunter’s wind walk damage bonus as to not require two seperate attacks to trigger his new passive

* Some Doombringer nerfs:

- Reduced base armor by 2
- Reduced base movement speed by 10
- Increased Scorched Earth cooldown from 60/50/40/30 to 60/55/50/45

* Readjusted the Divine Rapier pickup rules to prevent some abuses.

If the first time the item is lost from its original owner it is picked up by an allied hero, it becomes muted (no damage) until it returns to its owner. If an enemy acquires the rapier, it same rules as the previous version. Here are the complete rapier rules to clarify:
- “Original Rapier” has two modes, active and muted. It is active (bonus damage, droppable) when carried by the owner and muted (no damage, droppable) when carried by an ally
- “Free Rapier” is the item state that occurs when an enemy acquires it. This is a permanent transformation for the item. It will always provide bonusdamage and will always be undroppable, regardless of how it switches sides back and forth afterwards. This is the same as the previous patch.
Summary: The primary change that is done here is that a hero cannot intentionally pool the rapier to his ally.

* -unlock now requires a majority vote before the gold and items of a leaver will be released. As a reminder, once a hero is unlocked, it cannot be switched.

* Added a 15 second wait period before the drafting begins in -CD to give both teams a chance to look at the heroes.

* Renamed the controlon/off commands to be clearer which is which. They are now -disableselection (-ds) and -enableselection (-es)

* Various map optimizations
* Fixed an old recipe fusing exploit with leaver items that could result in crashes
* Fixed Essence Shift on units that change form
* Fixed a couple of bugs with Dark Pact debuff
* Added replay data for creep kills/denies (at time intervals,
format: “CSK”+I2S(PlayerID),value and “CSD”+I2S(PlayerID),value)
* Fixed various tooltips
* Fixed gold not being split after using -unlock when someone leaves via -kickafk
* Fixed being able to -unlock while a switch vote is ongoing
* Fixed some spells incorrectly triggering Magic Stick/Essence Aura (Devoured Neutral Troll Priests Heal, Radiance Swap, etc)
* Fixed some -CD language text issues as well as some missing parser information
* Fixed Arcane Ring recipe purchase hotkey
* Fixed some potential Basher bugs on some levels of Spirit Bear
* Fixed an abuse possible with one hero carrying multiple Urn of Shadows
* Fixed the second Forged Spirit from being added to your control despite having control helper turned off
* Fixed a bug with -switch when you have Rapier (that you don’t own) on you
* Fixed a few other misc minor bugs

DotA Allstars v6.65 is Out – Download and Read Changelog

DotA Allstars 6.65 was released. A lot of changes, a lot of bug fixes and 2 brand new heroes! Alchemis was also reworked, so you have many things to explore in new DotA version

DotA Allstars v6.65 Download


New Heroes

New agility hero (Murloc Nightcrawler)

Range: 128
Movement Speed: 305
Hero Type: Agility

Agility: 21 + 2.0
Strength: 21 + 1.0
Intelligence: 16 + 1.6

Dark Pact:
Slark calls upon deities of the swamps to seal a dark pact. Sacrificing some of his lifeblood, Slark is redeemed of all negative effects. After 2 seconds, a dark wave of destruction emits from the Nightcrawler, dealing damage to himself as well as all nearbyenemies.

Damage: 75/150/225/300
AoE: 325
Manacost: 55/50/45/40
Cooldown: 10

Deals half the damage to you immediately as part of the cost.

Surges directly forward and latches on to the first enemy he hits, binding it with chains of darkness. The enemy is unable to move more than 275 distance away from the point of impact for 3.5 seconds.

Pounce Range: 400/500/600/700
Pounce Damage: 50/75/100/125
Leash Range: 275
Leash Duration: 3.5

Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 75

Note: Moves forward in the direction it is looking, this is not a target position cast.

Essence Shift:

Reciting ancient Nightcrawler incantations, Slark enchants his blade to steal the power and courage from his enemies. Every time Slark hits an enemy hero, he steals 1 point from all attributes and 1 additional from the main attribute of that enemy hero while Slark gains 4 points ofAgility.

Duration: 15/30/45/60

Shadow Dance:
Has an active and a passive portion.

Covers himself with a dark smoke, he becomes invisible and does not reveal himself while attacking or casting spells for 5.5 seconds.

Passively increases Nightcrawler’s movement speed and regeneration when he is out of sight of hostile units. Has a 0.7 delay when activated or deactivated.

Movement Speed: 30/35/40%
Health Regeneration: 2/3/4%

Active duration: 5.5 seconds
Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 120

New intelligence hero (Ancient Apparition)

Range: 600
Movement Speed: 295
Hero Type: Intelligence

Agility: 20 + 2.2
Strength: 18 + 1.4
Intelligence: 25 + 2.6

Custom hero model by PrMosquito

Cold Feet:
The Apparition curses his foes with The Frozen Mark which will freeze enemies to the ground. Unless target enemy moves at least 740 away from the mark within 4 seconds he is frozen still.

Damage per second: 37.5/50/62.5/75
Stun duration if triggered: 1.25/2/2.75/3.5

Cooldown: 15/13/11/9
Manacost: 90

Single Target Spell

Note: Target takes damage per second until he is stunned or moves out of range.

Ice Vortex:
Gathers ancient frost energy into one area to create a small, immobile ice vortex at a location. Whenever enemies are near it, their movement speed and magical resistance are reduced.

Movement Reduction: 18/22/26/30
Magic Resistance: -10/15/20/25
AOE: 275

Duration: 12
Cooldown: 6
Manacost: 80/90/100/110

Chilling Touch:
Releases a gust of cold wind at a target area, enchanting allied heroes with bonus magical damage on their attacks. Lasts for a limited number of attacks up to a maximum of 40 seconds. While the enchanted heroes have this chilling touch, their attack speed is reduced by 15%.

Maximum number of attacks: 2/3/4/5
Bonus Damage: 40/50/60/70
Attack Speed Reduction: -15%

Cooldown: 50/46/42/38
Manacost: 140

Note: Damage only triggers on enemy heroes, not creeps.

Ice Blast:
Ancient Apparition projects his presence out to make way for a powerful ripple of hailstone and dark magic. Once cast, it can release the spell to strike targets within 200 area of where his presence was upon release. It will deal damage to enemy units and apply a frostbite curse on them for 7 seconds where their health regeneration will be frozen and will shatter if they fall close enough to death. This spell has global range depending on how long you wait for the projections to move. Frostbitten units will take minor damage over time.

Impact Damage: 250/350/450
Shatter Threshold: 10/11/12%

Cooldown: 44/32/20
Manacost: 100/125/150

Note: You can charge (non-channeling, time based) this as long as you want if you want it to travel further outwards. Has an initial aoe of 200, but increases by a small amount the further it travels.

Hero Changes

- Reworked Unstable Concoction

Razzil brews up an unstable concoction that he can throw at an enemy hero, to stun and deal damage. Once Razzil starts brewing, he can continue for up to 5 seconds. Each second of brewing will increase the potency of the concoction and make Razzil more red. After the 5 seconds, there is a small buffer window. If Razzil does not throw the concoction soon after it will blow up and Razzil himself will suffer as if he was hit by the concoction. Concoction can blow up mid air if fired too late.

Charge Duration: up to 5 seconds
Buffer Duration: 1.5
Damage: Up to 150/200/250/300 (Physical damage type)
Stun: Up to 1/2/3/4 seconds
Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 90

The longer it charges up, the more damage and stun it deals. Listed values are the maximum.

Note: This is hero only target spell. You cannot release it if there isn’t a visible target nearby (if you don’t release it on time, it explodes on you instead, damage and stunning you). After casting, it builds up for 5 seconds. There is a small buffer duration after that.

Note 2: Alchemist has a red counter that counts down from 5 ontop of his head. Everyone can see this. It will be clear to the enemy when you are charging this.

- Mana Void cooldown reduced from 120/100/80 to 70
- Mana Break scaling increased from 16/32/48/64 to 28/40/52/64

Bone Fletcher
- Searing Arrows cooldown from 2/2/0/0 to 2/0/0/0

Bounty Hunter
- Reworked Jinada

Old Jinada:

Crit: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0x
Crit Chance: 15%

Evasion: 5/10/15/20%
Evasion Chance: 15%

New Jinada:
Passive. Adds a critical strike and small maim to your next attack. Has a cooldown.

Critical Strike: 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0x
Maim: 25% MS/AS for 3 seconds

Cooldown: 22/17/12/7

Blood Seeker
- Bloodrage Rebalanced from 6/9/12/15 duration and 10 cd to 6/7/8/9 duration and 12/10/8/6 cd. HP loss at a constant 20 hp per sec.

- Spiderlings gold bounty increased from 6-8 to 11-13 and XP bounty increased from 12 to 20

Chaos Knight
- Cast Point Improved
- Reworked his Blink Strike (7225)

Reality Rift:
Target an enemy unit. Teleports you, any images you have and the enemy unit to a random point along the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack.

Cast Range: 550/600/650/700
Bonus Attack Damage: 25/50/75/100 (for one attack)
Cooldown: 24/18/12/6
Manacost: 50

Note: Chance is weighted, more likely to appear near center +/- 200 than on the extremes.

Dark Seer
- Vacuum cast range decreased from 800 to 550
- Vacuum damage decreased from 60/120/180/240 to 40/80/120/160

Death Prophet
- Witchcraft’s movement bonus has been restored (3/6/9/12%)

- Force of Nature’s Treants now have 33% spell resistance

- Fiery Soul buff duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds

- Movement speed increased from 300 to 310

- Stone Gaze cooldown increased to 100

- Movement speed increased from 300 to 315

Night Stalker
- Void manacost decreased from 90/112/130/145 to 80/90/100/110

- Lowered Fire Panda armor by 2 points, hp from 900/1350/1800/2200 to 1200 and reworked damage from 52/105/214/234 to 70/112/140/180
- Primal Split cooldown from 180/150/120/90 to 180/160/140/120

Priestess of the Moon
- Starfall AoE increased by 50 to fix issues with it not hitting units on the edge of your attack

- Meat Hook scaling rebalanced. Cast range from 400/600/800/1000 to 550/700/850/1000, cd from 14 to 14/13/12/11 and manacost from 140 to 110/120/130/140

- Cast Point improved
- Decrepify can now be cast on Nether Ward

Queen of Pain
- Base Intelligence increased by 5

- Agi growth decreased from 2.5 to 2.0
- Strength grown decreased from 1.9 to 1.7
- Eye of the Storm mana cost increased from 100 to 100/150/200

Shadow Priest
- Shallow Grave cooldown increased from 54/40/26/12 to 60/45/30/15

- Base damage modified a little from 39-61 to 43-57

- Shrapnel duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
- Shrapnel AoE decreased from 450 to 325

- Dispersion now spreads the reflected damage over the number of nearby heroes. So it is the same in a 1v1 case, but greatly reduced in team fights.

Twin Head Dragon
- Ice Path stun rescaled from 0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0 to 1.00/1.33/1.66/2.0
- Ice Path cooldown scales from 16 to 16/15/14/13
- Macropyre spawn speed improved

- Overpower is no longer removed when BKB is activated
- Overpower will not interrupt your movement when cast

- Upheaval cooldown increased from 20 to 65 seconds

- Reworked hero (124153)

Range: 600
Movement Speed: 295
Hero Type: Intelligence

Agility: 11 + 1.3
Strength: 20 + 2.2
Intelligence: 21 + 2.5

Grave Chill:
Visage drains the life from a target, slowing its attack and move speed by 32%. He then gets bonuses equal to those drained.

Stolen MS & AS: 32
Duration: 3/4/5/6 (for both you and the target)
Manacost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown 10

Soul Assumption:
Visage sends out a surge of agony towards an enemy unit, echoing the suffering that nearby heroes (foe or allied) have taken. For each 130 damage taken around him, his soul counter increases by one for up to 6 seconds.

Deals 20 damage + 60 for each charge.

Max Soul Counters: 3/4/5/6
Cooldown: 7/6/5/4
Manacost: 100/120/140/160

Note: Does not count damage taken from creeps. Charges when either allied heroes or enemy heroes take damage. Damage only has a 6 second window.

Gravekeeper’s Cloak:

Visage surrounds himself with the magical energy of the dead, granting extra physical armor and magic damage resistance. However, the energy degenerates with every instance of damage taken and will require time to recover back to full strength. Has 4 layers.

Armor per layer: 2/3/4/5
Magic Resistance per layer: 4/8/12/16

Cloak Recovery: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Instances: 4

Note: This is only affected by player based damage.

Summon Familiars:
Visage conjures up two blind Familiars from the realm of death. Familiars have high attack power but each attack, up to 6, drains their power and temporarily weakens them.

Familiars can transform into stone, stunning nearby enemy units upon landing and regenerating their health and attack power. Familiars give a large bounty (150 each) if killed.

Level 1: Up to 72 attack damage, 300 HP, 1 second stun.
Level 2: Up to 90 attack damage 400 HP, 1.25 second stun.
Level 3: Up to 108 attack damage 500 HP, 1.5 second stun.

Familiars take reduced damage from spells.

Stoneform Cooldown: 30

Summon Cooldown: 160
Summon Manacost: 150

Note: Can only have 2 Familiars up at any point.
Note 2: Stoned familiars are temporarily immune to damage, but they revert to normal form after 7 seconds
Note 3: Familiars will not autoattack enemies on their own, as to not consume their limited attack energy

- Windrunner cooldown improved from 30/25/20/15 to 15

Witch Doctor
- Paralyzing Casks now do 50 damage to heroes on each bounce

Item Changes

- Added a new recipe item (Urn of Shadows)

- Sobi Mask (325)
- 2x Gauntlets of Strength (300)
- Recipe (250)
Total: 875

+ 50% Mana Regeneration
+ 6 Strength
+ Active

Starts with 0 charges. Each time an enemy hero dies near you, it gains a charge. The first charges increments by 2, so it goes 0/2/3/4/5/etc
Each usage of the item decreases the charge by 1.

Each hero death can only charge up one of these items per death, so more than one hero having this will not increase the charges for both of the items.

Can be cast on an ally to heal, dispels on non-creep damage. Can alternatively be cast on an enemy hero to do half the heal (200) as damage over 8 seconds.

Heal: 400 HP over 8 seconds
Cooldown: 10

Scroll of Town Portal
- Reworked mechanics

- The casting time system for scroll teleports are now dynamic.
Whenever a hero teleports to an area, it causes any other teleports to that area to be delayed with extra time based on the number of heroes that teleported or are teleporting there. Each teleport leaves has memory lasts about 20 seconds for that location.

This does not affect teleports to the fountain area (it accounts for rough areas around shop area as well).

Example: First hero teleports to his tower, he takes the usual 3 seconds casting time. Then lets say the 3 other heroes teleport right after. The second one that telports after the original has a 5 second teleport time. Then 6 seconds, 7, etc.

- Teleport location effect no longer lies to the enemies about the landing spot

- Enemies now see the colors of the teleporting heroes

- Increases max range on where you can choose teleport near a building from 350 to 525

- The color of the teleport effect changes if you are in delayed teleport mode. It goes to normal once you have the standard 3 seconds left. So both sides can tell if its a quick or a delayed teleport and time things accoringly.

Aghanim’s Scepter
- Added support for Axe. Cooldown decreased from 75/65/55 to 20

Boots of Speed
- Now available in the side shops

- Duration reduced from 5 to 3.5 seconds
- Cooldown increased from 15 to 25
- Blademail can no longer reflect blademail sourced damage

Force Staff
- Push distance increased from 500 to 600

Linken’s Sphere
- Properly blocks Unstable Concoction and Death Coil

- Maelstrom attack speed bonus increased from 15 to 25

Planeswalker’s Cloak
- Price increased by 100

: Radiance
- AoE damage effect can now be toggled on and off

- Damage block reduced from 40 to 20 when equipped on ranged heroes (50% less block like stout and Poor Man’s Shield)

Gameplay & Cosmetics

* Readjusted the -bonus gold/xp system that is given in an aoe around dying heroes from being static unsplit to a dynamic split variation (numbers adjusted as well)

* Rebalanced the creep stats for your creeps when you kill an enemy rax

Old Melee:
XP Bounty: 41
Gold Bounty: 21-41

New Melee:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 18-26

Old Range:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 21-41

New Range:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 18-26

* Added a new small neutral camp (102473)
* Increase the buffer time in -CM from 45 to 60 seconds (This means 15 seconds total for each player, not 15 seconds for each turn)
* Added the new hero death timers to observer scoreboard title
* Reworked Recipe tooltips (128284)
* A text message and minimap indictator is now displayed when an ally purchases a Courier
* Observer board now shows ultimate cooldowns (120509)
* Added a new physical model for Gem of Truesight (124547)
* New and reworked heroes are temporarily unavailable in -CM

* Added a new visual effect when you have the Haste powerup (83240)
* A special death animation is now played when Pudge suicides (17542)
* Improved spawning location code for couriers, to help against minimap icon overlap
* Decreased cooldown on Courier Morph and added a mini techies courier (123947)
* Fixed Inner Beast buff icon
* Removed extra spikes that appear on some (except Leshrac) characters with Aghanims Scepter (11289)
* Added new sound effect for Scream of Pain
* Improved quality of Panda’s Thunderclap icon
* Removed the gorge in the terrain near the bottom sentinel lane
* Added visual effect for Huskar’s Scepter (20814)
* Some Nighstalker visual improvements (5227)
* Rotated the direction the Frozen Throne is facing (82193)
* Changed Scourge consumable shop model from Graveyard to Tomb of Relics (114591)
* Added hero pick/ban data to replays for -CD mode (same data format as -CM)
* Added hero pool information to replays for -CD mode (Format: Pool+index,id)
* Fixed hero death timer overwriting player name color for leavers

* Added a camera control command (-center) that locks the camera to your hero. -centeroff disables it (Not recommend for regular games)
* Clarified Ward tooltips
* Fixed lots of typos
* Replay Data: host playerid is 0 if the game was created using HCL automode
* Adjusted where the kill timer shows on the open scoreboard. Names are always visible now.
* Some minor code optimizations when heroes are picked
* Invoker: Forged Spirit units are now added to your control group when created
* Invoker: Added an Ally/Observer only visual effect that plays before sun strike lands

* New icon for Essence Aura
* New icon for Darkness
* New icon for Desolate
* New icon for Void (126145)
* New icon for Enchant (126145)
* New icon for Impetus (126145)
* New icon for Nature’s Attendants (126145)
* New icon for Backtrack (126145)
* New icon for SA’s Blink Strike (126145)
* New icon for Crystal Nova (118362)
* New icon for Death Ward (126145)
* New icon for Divided We Stand (126145)
* New icon for Dual Breath (126145)
* New icon for EMP (126145)
* New icon for Exorcism (126145)
* New icon for Geostrike (126145)
* New icon for Impale NA (126145)
* New icon for Juxtapose (108662)
* New icon for Phantom Edge (108662)
* New icon for Malefice (126145)
* New icon for Reaper’s Scythe (126145)
* New icon for Timelock (126145)
* New icon for Timewalk (126145)
* New icon for Invoke Tornado (126145)
* New icon for Last Word (126145)
* New icon for Amplify Damage (126145)
* New icon for Jinada (105435)
* New icon for Track (105435)

Bugs Fixes

* Fixed bug with swapping with Kunkka and getting Quelling Blade
* Fixed Kraken Shell not getting disabled when Doomed
* Fixed an area where you could TP and become stuck
* Fixed a bug with Forged Spirits dying when getting an allied War Cry buff
* Fixed a recent issue with Frost Arrows cast range
* Fixed Eul’s movement speed bonus not functioning correctly sometimes (if your hero has a unit morphing ability)
* Fixed a minor bug with Ursa’s Enrage + Fury Swipes combo against Vanguard
* Fixed some Ion Shell stacking bugs

DotA Allstars v6.64 AI Download

Here you can download DotA Allstars 6.64 AI. It’s good opportunity to train some tricks when no one will see your fails :)

DotA Allstars v6.64 AI Download

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