Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon Guide & Walkthrought

Jakiro currently isn't used much, neither in competitive DotA nor in public games. That doesn't mean that he's a bad hero though. He is a fun hero to use, all his 3 active skills require some sort of aiming, positioning and timing for maximum effect. He is a very potent pusher and has loads of AoE-spells up his sleeve to create havoc in clashes. Unfortunately he has trouble with teams that focus on armor reduction, which are rather common these days... His teamfight-presence is easily countered by Blademails, Pipes and Hoods.


Level 1: Dual Breath
Level 2: Ice Path
Level 3: Dual Breath
Level 4: Liquid Fire
Level 5: Dual Breath
Level 6: Liquid Fire
Level 7: Dual Breath
Level 8: Liquid Fire
Level 9: Liquid Fire
Level 10: Macropyre
Level 11: Macropyre
Level 12:Ice Path
Level 13: Ice Path
Level 14: Ice Path
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Macropyre
Levels 17-25: Statsstatsstats...


Dual Breath is ALWAYS maxed first. It's your best skill, its a strong AoE nuke, it slows. Nuff said.

Icepath vs. Liquid Fire: Liquid Fire is a superb pushing skill and doesn't even cost mana. If your team is running a push-strat this spell along with dual breath is gonna help a lot, the fact that it damages and slows tower attacks is invaluable. The first level of Ice Path disables a full second compared to 2 seconds with Ice Path maxed, thats why i threw a level in there. I consider this skill-build fairly balanced, you can ofc screw this proposed skill-build and do whatever the fuck you want. I'm serious, both skills have their uses, the one shines in pushing/farming, the other in ganking/clashes.

Macropyre has a pretty high manacost and little effect on lower levels, especially when you take into consideration that its best used in big clashes, which will not occurr at early stages of the game. After the buffs of 6.65, it isn't completely retarded to get it at 6, i still wouldn't advise it though. Adapt, if you somehow have too much mana (*cough* Maiden *cough*) or you can make good use of it for some reason (e.g. multiple enemies trying to get a tower early) feel free to level it earlier.

Note: Skill- or item builds are not set in stone. Except for Dual Breath. Dual Breath is ALWAYS (!!!) maxed first. Adapt to the game.


I already mentioned THD isn't item-dependant. Hence it doesn't really matter what you get. Get whatever your team needs. That being said, i still want to give you a general guideline, because even if you think your team needs a Battlefury, it probably doesn't. At least not on you.

Starting items:

Jakiro is most likely gonna be the designated support hero, so you will probably buy chicken or wards. the branches will be turned into wand later, and basic regen is self-explicable. In case you don't have to buy chicken or wards, just get a gauntlet for urn.



Seems very cheap for a core, right? Well it is. You really dont necessarily NEED more for your hero to work. which is one of the reasons why you will most likely spend a good deal of your cash on wards. The obligatory wand for some cheap stats and its awesome active and the newly introduced Urn of Shadows. This item is the shit on pretty much every support hero, Jakiro is no exception. Manaregen, HP, and its active ability make it a worthwhile investment. Bottle is optional, only get it if you're soloing mid, ganking a lot or don't have any good bottle-carriers in your team. "Bottle-crowing" (using a crow to constantly refill your botte at the fountain) is a very cost-effective way to keep spamming Dual Breath during laning. Basilius is optional as well, get it when you really have trouble with physical damage and arent aiming for mek, or when youre aiming for vlads anyway.

Possible extensions:

Just because you don't NEED more doesn't mean you can't GET more. THD is a great farmer and will get some cash.

* Mekansm provides you with moar armor, and THDs intelligence is high enough to cope with the manacost. the most common extension for jakiro, you can't really go wrong with it. *RECOMMENDED*
* Vlads will make use of that basilius of yours, gives a little more armor, some pushing power and hopefully help some allied melee heroes.
* Pipe is gonna help Jakiro a lot against spells, he has high hp so the resistance will be more effective on him compared to most other supports, and the active is very useful against teams with lots of AoE nukes (like yourself for example)
* Blink is a great item, and nearly every hero can make good use of it. It's not crucial for Jakiro, but it certainly helps in landing his spells for maximum effect.
* Euls provides cheap manaregen, movement speed and the cyclone. not particularly great on Jakiro, but not terrible either.
* Necrobook is good to win ward wars and counter heroes that rely on invisibility, and Jakiro has no trouble rushing it.
* Arcane aids constant spamming, which can be crucial in push-strats. Only get it when your allies also benefit from it though.
* For THD himself a single voidstone should be enough regen to keep spamming very liberatly. Personal favourite. *RECOMMENDED*
* Force Staff is situationally really useful, and serves as some kind of substitute to blink. remember that you can use the force on EVERY hero, not just yourself.
* Boots of Travel are always welcome on heroes that clear creeps as fast as THD. Recommended if you plan on farming a lot or need the map-control/mobility. A must come lategame.

Note: ONE meka/vlads/pipe is really enough for a team, so ask your allies if they intend to buy one.

Possible luxuries:

So you had to steal all that farm from your carry, didn't you? Or you just killstealed like mad? Alright, no worries, still lots of items you can get.

* Shivas is great on THD. Moar armor, which makes you incredibly tanky for an intelligence hero, the -AS aura, and, last but not least, Arctic Blast synergizes so well with not only your skillset, but also your theme! Really helpful if those mean carries think they can 3-shot the lil support hero.
* Aghanims' stats are frankly not as useful on jakiro as on others because he has very good stats already, still, it improves your ult.The flamestrikes of Macropyre will be created faster, which helps in actually hurting ppl with it. After the release of DotA 6.65 however, this item isn't nearly is a good as before. I recommend to only get it when you have something like Void or Magnus in your team, which give you an easy time landing a full damage Macropyre.
* Hex is just a great item, and jakiro can farm it easily if its needed. you will never have mananeeds again. hexed targets are easy to burn! *RECOMMENDED*
* Blademail is situational, but considering you have to be rather close in clashes to cast your stuff, this might either save your life or deal significant damage when you're on the receiving end of some AoE spells. the armor helps as well.
* Ghost scepter is a good item if you are dealing with a fat carry that has either high hp or magic immunity, hence wont be affected much by a blademail. push the button and he cant touch you. careful though, dont get nuked into the ground while etheral.

Note: Even though THD is a great support hero by nature, he also happens to be a beastly farmer. This makes it perfectly viable to rush one of those luxury items on him. A fast guinsoo for example is always welcome. Just dont steal farm from heroes that need it more than you do.



Usually you shouldn't solo THD. he can do it np, but he doesn't really need the money and experience. He will, however, most likely be able to push the tower in no time. Jakiro shines in offensive lanes. He can make for some nasty dual-lane with Clockwerk, Juggernaut, Sand King, Sven, stuff like that. Especially clockwerk works great, creeps die so battery is more effective, enemies get slowed so he can reach them. You should usually be the one intiating due to Dual Breaths huge range, then wait for your ally to make his move and follow with Ice Path.
Jakiro is a very strong laner, i advise you to take advantage of that and not leave your lanepartner alone to solo-gank when there is no need for it, let alone roam.

Use Dual Breath rather liberately for harrass, but save mana to go for a kill with your ally if a good situation arises. Try to get at least one creep when harrassing a hero, or even better harrass both heroes with one breath. don't walk up to them like an idiot though, stay rather close to the creepwave and breath them when theyre moving in for a lasthit. That's pretty easy considering its huge range. Use the slow of dual breath to get some extra attacks in for harrass. Be careful with creep aggro, you only have 400 range and mediocre animation. Due to your low armor you might end up taking more damage from creeps than you dealt to your enemy with your attack.

In case you're trying to push towers fast there are other good lanepartners, like Pugna or Pit for example. Liquid Fire combined with creep advantage will get towers down in no time.


THD is a fairly decent ganker if you know how to aim your stuff. Dont forget that your spells are AoE, you can easily hit 2 targets with Dual Breath, same goes for a well aimed Ice Path.

Usually you'd want an ally to start the gank with a stun so you can chain Ice Path, if thats not possible try to start with Dual Breath so its easier to land Ice Path. Both Ice Path and Dual Breath have decent range, keep that in mind. You dont have to put yourself in too much danger to use them effectively. Use Macropyre when you're sure the target is gonna be disabled for some time and actually takes some damage, if the enemy hero isn't very tanky it's usually a waste against a single target.


Quite simple. Use Dual Breath to clear creeps, and always try to get Liquid Fire off on the tower, ideally on both the tower and the creepwave. Pushing is one of the few things THD can do completely on his own, a bit like Brood - just be more careful, you can't spin a web!

If the tower is going to die and your opponents are getting ready to deny, you can use Ice Path to keep them from doing so and gtfo. Alternatively you can blow out Macropyre and Dual Breath afterwards and go for a kill or two, depending on the situation.


Don't initiate with Macropyre, at least not like your regular initiator (Tide/ES/SK/etc.). Try to read the battle. Do you have an allied AoE disabler? Drop Macropyre where he catched some, dual breath them and extend the disable with Ice Path. You do not have an allied AoE disabler? Well that blows. Jakiro really likes those. No worries though, you're still far from useless. Battles usually aren't stationary, try to foresee in which direction 2+ enemy heroes that are close to each other will move (works great if they are focusing one of your allies), and drop Macropyre there, dual breath before or after, dependant on the situation. Ice Path generally should be used after macropyre, if you cast Ice Path and Macropyre afterwards they will barely stand one second in it. Since 6.65 that isn't such a big deal anymore though.

Another good trick is to cast macropyre from fog and/or on narrow passages. Fights at roshan for example are great, there's little space and people have to stand in it. Same goes for fights at the base entries.
Try to get off Liquid Fire on carries to slow their attackspeed if possible, although that isn't as important as timing/aiming your spells correctly.


This is an essential part of playing support in an organized game. However, its basically the same for every hero, you will not need to do it when playing public games and theres a very good guide that covers all the basics about warding on PD. Hence, im just gonna give you a link to this guide: Click HERE to visit Eumellein's Wardposition guide.

Banehallow - The Lycanthrope Guide & Walkthrought

The first thing, this is my first guide (Mojo’s Guide) in DotA thanks to GrapeZ who show me how to play lycan. I never play lycan before, because I think he doesn’t have stun or any disabling spells and he can’t blink or windwalk. He just have 2 wolves “dolls” to play with and scare a little children or he can be “Midas” who wants to eat 3 little pigs wkwkwkwk… But after I see my friend GrapeZ play that lycan… Wow… And that change my perspective about lycan. And now I think… Lycan is one of the best heroes you can choose in DotA. He is a hunter, a pusher, a jungler, a chaser dan a killer… And He can KILL Roshan at Level 7… alone…

Banehallow - The Lycanthrope
Range: 100 | | Move Speed: 295 | Primary: STR
Str: 22 + 2.75 | Agi: 16 + 1.9 | Int: 15 + 1.55
Damage: 53 - 57 | HP: 568 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.91 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 1.43 (+ 16% IAS) | Armor: 2.2


Summon Wolves (V)
Summons 2 Spirit Wolves to fight the Lycanthropy’s enemies. Lasts 55 seconds.
Level 1 - Summons 2 wolves with 17-18 normal damage, 1.25 BAT, 3 heavy armor, and 400 HP.
Level 2 - Summons 2 wolves with 27-30 normal damage, 1.2 BAT, 4 heavy armor and 500 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical strike.
Level 3 - Summons 2 wolves with 34-40 normal damage, 1.15 BAT, 5 heavy armour, and 600 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical
Level 4 - Summons 2 wolves with 43-49 normal damage, 1.1 BAT, 5 heavy armor, and 700 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical, and permanent invisibility with 3 seconds fade time
Wolves can attack air and have 400 movespeed
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 30

Howl (W)
An eerie loud howl grants an inner strength to all player controlled units and allied heroes.
Lasts 16 seconds.
Level 1 - Adds 11 damage to heroes. 4 damage to units.
Level 2 - Adds 22 damage to heroes. 8 damage to units.
Level 3 - Adds 33 damage to heroes. 12 damage to units.
Level 4 - Adds 44 damage to heroes. 16 damage to units.
Mana Cost: 15/ 20/ 25/ 30
Cooldown: 35

Feral Heart (E) [Passive]
Increases the attack damage and attack speed of the Lycanthrope and his units.
Level 1 - 10% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 2 - 15% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 3 - 20% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 4 - 25% bonus damage and attack speed.

Shapeshift (F)
A Full Moon curdles the blood of the Lycanthropy. He transforms into a Wolf with extra hit points, 30% to deal a 1.5x critical strike, and increased attack speed (BAT from 1.7 to 1.4). This gives him and his units the ability to move at a constant maximum speed and not be slowed.
Level 1 - 100 bonus hit points, lasts 14 seconds.
Level 2 - 200 bonus hit points, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 3 - 300 bonus hit points, lasts 16 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100/70/40


Lvl 1: Summon Wolves
Lvl 2: Feral Heart
Lvl 3: Summon Wolves
Lvl 4: Feral Heart
Lvl 5: Summon Wolves
Lvl 6: Shapeshift
Lvl 7: Summon Wolves
Lvl 8: Feral Heart
Lvl 9: Feral Heart
Lvl 10: Howl
Lvl 11: Shapeshift
Lvl 12: Howl
Lvl 13: Howl
Lvl 14: Howl
Lvl 15: Stats
Lvl 16: Shapeshift
Lvl 17-25: Stats


Power Treads (STR) (1850) For basic movement speed, good attack speed, and the bonus stats will be helpful. I think Power Treads better than Boots of Travel because changing into wolf will max his speed already. Holding a TP scroll to get back to base to defend will take over the job of BoT even thou without the tele-to-creep privilages as i think it isn’t needed till lategame where pushing gets more and more important.

Vladmir’s Offering (2075) Lifesteal from Vladmir’s Offering is sustainable when fighting a hero. With the bonus damage aura, which synergies with Howl, it is a great addition to the team’s total amount of DPS. It is useful too when you are NC-ing with your wolves as they can sustain their life longer.

Black King Bar (3800)
I add this Item (BKB) into core item because we rarely meet our opponent without 1 or 2 disabler in their team. With strength and damage boost plus 16 second Avatar that will be enough to pawn those irritating disablers during your insane wolf form. The duration of 10 seconds of magical invulnerability goes almost smoothly with your Shapeshift duration.


Stygian Desolator (4420)
This item has a Great damage, and this item makes lycan to be the best hunting heroes and farming. And even better combined with Battle fury as it improves cleaved damage.

Assault Cuirass (6120)
GREAT attack speed and armor reduction(to enemies) and addition(allies) aura which helps ur team in battles and goes well with Desolator and/or Battle Fury.

Heart Of Tarrasque (5500)
Good damage addition and tankability for a STR hero. Able to sustain survivabilty as enemies may focus fire on you due to your dmg.
This build is GREAT for hunting down single heroes and enables you to take out 2 or 3 heroes in a major battle.It is also great for pushing as this build provides you to deal heavy, i mean HEAVY, DPS to your helpless enemies and towers. Sadly, its only flaw is that it is too single targeted.

Battle Fury (4350)
Other builds would be adding a Battle Fury to your inventory rather than a Heart of Tarrasque as there will not be much of tanking to do if your team has a great aoe disabler who r capable of bringing your enemies close to gather like Enigma or Magnataur. It is known that the cleave of Battle Fury is based on your main target’s armor, the items listed which minuses the target’s armor is crucial in dealing heavy damage. With a Battle Fury and your armor reducing items, you can clear a entire team with just a few nasty swipes of your paws.

Burizza ( )

This item can be very deadly. It has critical damage that synergy with vlad’s lifesteal witch boost your hit point to full in a secong and synergy with wolf critical damage so that almost ever hit you will see the red number from one or two even three wolf.

Radiance ( )

You can use this item if you have invincible enemies. Have great damage and the aura can reduce hit point other enemies. And the aura very usefull to chase enemies who wants to escape from battle. Just chase them and they will be dead.


Early Game : Get a Ring of Basillus and Tangos. From level 1 to 3 you can join your teamate in a line (this is faster to gain level 3 in a line than you have to wait noob camp to spawn 3 times). Level 3-7 Neutral Creep your way to a Power Threads and a Vladmir’s Offering and try to get Black King Bar When you get your lvl 2 Summon Wolves, go to Ogre (lvl 3)or Mud Golems (lvl 5) or Dark Troll (lvl6). After level 5, you are now able to kill Centaurs or Furlbogs, but dodged their Claps or Stuns. Just farm farm and farm your way to succesion on owning the game. And if you want you can solo ROSHAN at level 7 with full mana and hit point and your item already boots and vlads. Summon level 4 wolves for 3 times and you can say bye bye to Roshan. After you kill ROSHAN continue to 1 or 2 NC-ing and you will arrive to Level 9.

Mid Game : Level 9, your team is bound to gank enemies, and Howl will be helpful in successfully eliminate the targeted hero. You should be doing some hunting of heroes yourself. Pick out those heroes who dare to farm themselves without their teammates around. If your best enemy is Tanker, get Deso or Burizza and Assault Cuirass. If your teammates is mass disabler, get Battle Fury. The item build depending on your opponent’s team line-up.

Late Game : Walk with your team to push down their tower, one after another, alternating lanes one at a time and pick out Disablers (e.g. Lion, Rhasta) heroes first. Then the Carry hero (e.g. Troll Warlord), then finally the Tanker (e.g. Centaur).

DotA How To Play

Basic Requirement to Play Dota AllStars
User are required to have a basic Warcraft III: Frozen Throne expansion pack.

Best to update your Warcraft III: Frozen Throne to the latest version to prevent any compatibility issue. Click here to retrieve the latest version of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.

Finally, the DotA AllStars map that you desire to play.

Step 1: I have those, How Do I Install Dota Now?
Coming up with such question simply tell me you're new to Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. DotA AllStars is a Custom Map that are generated through Blizzard's Map Engine known as the Warcraft Map Editor. So basically, in order to play, all you have to do is to place the downloaded w3x map file into the Map folder located from in the root path of where your Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is installed. The common path for it is as below?

Step 2: Lets play!
Start your Warcraft III: Frozen Throne now and proceed as below.

Single Player Mode

Once you're in Custom Game screen, you'll be able to see a blank area with a Game Settings scroll list. Look for your DotA AllStars map where you placed in the first step and select it. Choose between either Sentinel or the Scourge team then press start to proceed.
Note: Its good for newbies to learn the map with "iseedeadpeople", test the use of hero, or to buy your way out for your ultimate built by just setting yourself cash with "greedisgood 1000000"

AI Mode

Now get to Custom Game screen, select your DotA AllStars AI map like how you did for Single Player Mode. There are three difficulties available for most AI version Easy, Normal, Insane. Now click on any of the available slots in either your team or the opposition (consider between having a teammate to complete your objective or to have opponent that fight against you). Set their difficulties and simulate further probably for a 5v5 game, having 4 AI on your team and 5 AI on the opposing team.

Multiplayer Mode

Are you sure you're all ready for multiplayer game competing against player over the BattleNET from all over the world? Or even competing in a LAN community? I suggest you not to stage of game unless you have at least understand all the basic of the game, common knowledge and combination of recipe?

Well have you ever played in a team with player you don't know and after a few round, soon find out that they suck ass? Yea that's how it feels when you join into one of those Expert Game. Try looking around for basic Strategy Guides and Builds for your favorite character? Master it and start learning your game through experience. Survival is the key of this game, I'll soon explain more on how it can be a disadvantage to your team. Keep yourself alive,

Basic for New Players

Train your basic survival skill against those wave of creeps (monster) that are distributed through each lane. The key/objective of this game is to destroy the Frozen Throne/Tree of Life of the opposing town while killing another player is just the sub objective in order to slow them from strengthening themselves while leveling yourself and receive bounty for killing them in order to strengthen your own Hero with better item.

There is nothing to be proud about having top kills while having your team losing the game? Bottom-line, you LOSS! Always work as a team and ask your teammates when you don't know what to do with that hero you're controlling.

Control your hero
Best way to control your hero is to assign them on your hotkey. In order to assign, first click on them and press CTRL + any number between 0~9. Once you've assigned, press the number that you've assigned (0~9) and you should be able to look at your hero right away. Most newbies will have their hero missing in the middle of the game and get themselves killed without knowing what happened.

Best way to kill your opponent?
Is not as easy as, "Be Stronger than them duh!". First to understand what your hero is capable of and what is the weakness of the opponent controlled hero. Beat them on their weakness and always work in group.

Staying Alive?
NEVER ever fight in an disadvantage situation! Well its like you being alone having knowing that 3 hero is coming your way? (best to stick with at least one teammate in every condition) Retreat to the nearest tower or if its still unsafe, run further back in your base. Stay alert with both the minimap
and of course your Hero's health. Get back to the Fountain of Health in your base if your HP is low. (best to get back around 200hp on the early stage of the game)

There are few ways to earn gold in this game. Killing your opponent's heroes, the wave of creep that are distributed in each lane or even the Neutral Creeps that are spawns in the forest area. You will also receive gold when your team's creep kill an opponent or its creep, but gold are distributed evenly to all the player in your team.

Strongest Neutral Creep
The strongest Neutral Creep of this game is Roshan and is located near the river part of the middle lane. Had a shot of it on the right.

Team's Creep
Scourge's spawn consist team of a Necromancer and 3 Ghoul while Sentinel's spawn consist a team of a Druid of Talon and 3 Treant. These unit will be spawn 90 seconds when the game start and the amount will be increased, as well as the level of the creep of your team will be upgraded as soon as a production building of the opposing team is destroyed.

Scourge Team
Temple of the Damned - Necromancer
Crypt - Ghoul

Sentinel Team
Ancient of Lore - Druid of Talon
Ancient of War - Treant

EXP Denial
EXP Denial is an advantage to your team, stopping/slowing your opposing team's hero from leveling up as well as freezing their kill income. Now how do you do that? Your team's spawned creep are protected from friendly attack unless their HP is below certain level (LOW). Practice to kill your own creep before your opponent do so to prevent them from earning experience point and also the gold for killing that unit.

Same thing that you could do for your Ancient Protecter. If you do feel that your Ancient Protector's HP is way too low and likely to get destroyed by an opponent hero soon, why not destroy that building yourself instead of allowing them to gain few hundred gold there.

Time Management
An average game would take up to 30 minutes ~ 1hours and 30 minutes. Please do make sure you have at least these much of time before getting into a DotA AllStars game rather than leaving the game under some excuse of "Dinner time", "My mom is screwing me big time". Its rather unpleasant to do such times. It will cause a massive disadvantage to your team. (They are one man short now)
What more important is, NEVER LEAVE AN UNFINISHED GAME.

Anger Management
Happens commonly that player got heated up when their team are losing as the game goes on? Is that what gaming about, giving stress to yourself and started cursing over the screen? That's a total psychotic act and I suggest you to keep away from the game then. Its just a game, everyone plays to have fun.

Final Note
I'm really sick of writing all these craps, I'm sorry if there were any mistakes made above but well I guess I'll just continue some other day. Enjoy your DotA AllStars gaming!

Spectre, The Mercurial Guide & Walkthrought

A darkness who was ancient even in the early days of the world's existence, Mercurial is the embodiment of rage and vengeance in the souls of those long dead. Haunting her enemies with relentless fervor, she is able to throw a dagger-like projectile that allows her to chase her prey beyond physical boundaries, and the fear and the desolation struck in the hearts of those who have the misfortune of encountering her alone is a pain impossible to withstand. Spectre's thirst for destruction is insatiable, and the upcoming struggle seems to be just what she was waiting for.

Pros and Cons of hero

[+] Good attack animation
[+] Strong mid game, excelent late game
[+] Global (maphack) ultimate
[+] Very strong nuke which can be abused at many ways
[+] Almost one of the best escaping mechanisms (details below)

[-] Fragile
[-] Item dependant
[-] Melee
[-] High mana cost nuke and ultimate
[-] Hard early game

Skill build

1. Spectral Dagger
2. Desolate
3. Spectral Dagger
4. Desolate
5. Spectral Dagger
6. Haunt
7. Spectral Dagger
8. Desolate
9. Desolate
10. Dispersion
11. Haunt
12. Dispersion
13. Dispersion
14. Dispersion
15. Stats
16. Haunt
17 -> 25. Stats

Lanes to chose

Dual lane: Spectre is fragile hero, so she needs to chose dual lane. Always. Best lanes for Spectre (your side) are: (Sentinel) Bottom and (Scourge) Top lane. That way you'll maximize your chasing potential.

Solo: Never go solo (mid), no matter what, since you'll be underfarmed, underleveled and you can't chase since tower is only few steps away. Same applies for top/bottom lane. You'll just be feeder or total disaster.

Jungle: No way. No matter how much you're good with pulling, stacking or timing. Evade jungle, or at least wait your first core item.

Item build VS Physical attackers

Explanation: Quelling Blade (next time will be QB) is your core first item since it gives you really nice boost for last hit and it stacks with your diffusal blade (other orbs don't)! Buy Stout Shield with QB and tangoes. Proceed to your lane, and buy 2 slippers of aggility as fast as you can. PMS will auto-assemble. Buy one Town Portal which will save you or fast teleport for regen, we don't want to loose time. Then rush your first core item, the Diffusal (when you use about 5 charges upgrade it). It gives you nice damage, armor, attack speed, mana pool, purge and most important thing, everything works on illusions!. Now you buy boots of speed, and then upgrade it to STR/AGI Treads. Continue with Yasha which gives you more +MS, +AS, Armor and works on illusions too. Make Manta out of it and the game should be over already. Also, illusions from manta benefit all above things mentioned!

Item build VS Spell Casters

Explanation: QB is again your first item, you just can't miss good last-hitting since you are item dependant. Proceed with 2 bracers which give you nice + stats for survivability and some last hit power. Then proceed with Belt of giant strenght which will become STR Treads. 2 Bracers and STR Treads give you 22 STR which is 412HP. Thats almost 50% of you current Health Pool. That will guarantie your way to Diffusal and everything else will be the same.

Late game/luxury items

Play Style

Early game (Lvl 1 -> 9): Try to last hit as much as possible. You have good DMG, nice boost from QB/PMS. Save dagger as much as possible for killing purposes, your mana pool is small and you can't spam it. If you're facing against melee heroe/s its sometimes really nice to hurt him with desolate when there are no ally creeps. You'll notice the power of pure damage. When someone asks for a gank, try to cast your dagger between both enemy heroes (don't click on one hero, click on ground), so both will be damaged, both will leave trails, and you'll get some creep kills also. Use haunt at lvl 6 if you really need to change lane to top.

Mid game (Lvl 10 -> 16): This is where you start to shine. When you get your diffusal, the game becomes interesting. Try to harrast as much as you can with your mana-burning attacks. Enemies will get frustrated with such low mana pool. Also, use dagger to farm large creep waves (but don't spam it on 4 creeps, be rational). Again, try to cast dagger on ground for its max power and maybe you hit 3-4 heroes. Use Haunt at the Beggining of battle, not at the end to chase fleeing hero. Abuse your illusions, also, don't use reality at battles, it cancels haunt. Let your 5-6 seconds illusions drop your enemies almost to 60% of their hp/mp. They will be confused which is real, you'll burn their mana so as life, and your team will get insane advantage. If the whole enemy team is missing, its sometimes good to cast Haunt to see if they are Roshaning/Neutraling. Wait for at least 3 seconds before casting Reality, since if you use at instantly, you'll waste 5 seconds of free global harras.

Late game (Lvl 17 -> 25): Don't waste Haunt on one hero neutralling in forest. Now you must focus on 5vs5 battles for full potential. If you have Manta, cast it before battle. Next, cast dagger and then haunt. Don't use reality, you need all 6 seconds of illusions. Continue to damage with your manta illusions which are also almost strong as you. Enemies just can't know which is the real hero when 5 haunt illusions and 2 manta illusions are attacking them. Abuse that strategy untill you win.

Dagger using

Hero attacking: Always try to target ground for maximum usage. That way you can hit more than one hero. Use hero-clicking only if there is one hero, otherwise abuse its ground-clicking power!

Creep attacking: Try to find the best angle to harass all creep wave, not just few of them

Collision: Abuse it! Don't use straight lanes, which is the most common mistake! Go through woods, creeps, obstacles, cliffs . . . Everything!

Neutraling: Try to get 2 camps so you can finish them faster!

Example :

The SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010 | State-Qualifiers begins - landing in 8 states nationwide!

The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2010, dubbed as the World Premier for DotA elites is back yet again on its fifth successive year with even BIGGER & BETTER CASH PRIZES to be won – amounting to over RM 145, 000 in total! The massive talent search for the best DotA teams in Malaysia begins NOW as Sendi Mutiara Multimedia scouts the region’s finest elites into a duel that will consecutively run through 8 national states across the country. Train with all your might and victoriously push your way to the top by emerging as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place from each state-qualifiers to seed your team through to the Grand Finals – where a massive cash purse of over RM 80, 000 & international contenders from all around the world awaits your challenge!

Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

DotA Rules & Regulations: Click HERE

Venue: Malaysia

Date: 2010 (Click HERE for Map Location)

  • N. Sembilan May 8th – 9th Alibaba Cyber Cafe
  • Pahang May 15th - 16th Wildfire Cyber Cafe
  • Sabah June 19th – 20th Powernet Cyber Cafe
  • Perak June 26th - 27th Magic Cyber Cafe
  • Penang July 10th – 11th FTZ Cyber Cafe
  • Kuala Lumpur July 16th – 18th CyberTime Cyber Cafe
  • Johor September 18th – 19th KS Cyber Cafe
  • Selangor October 9th – 10th FTZ Cyber Cafe
  • Grand Final NOVEMBER To Be Confirmed*

Registration: RM 120 per-team (Sign-Up NOW)

Requirements: ANYBODY who is a fan of DotA

· IMPORTANT NOTICE* Teams selected from the Top-Tier List will gain AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION into the Grand Finals and will successfully SKIP the QUALIFYING PHASE. Details on the Tier-List can be obtained below.

SMM - Source

IceFrog's Q&A #4

Check out IceFrog's latest Q&A session! Take a sneak peak at a new hero, find out what it's like working with Valve, learn about some possible future changes and his take on DotA's future.

Q: When will we hear more about you and Valve? Some people say it will take 2-3 years, can you give us any clues? (from Zeyall)

A: It certainly won't take that long. There are a lot of very talented people here at Valve that are working hard on it every day to ensure high quality in a timely manner. We'll be making an announcement soon actually, and based on the feedback I've been getting since the last mention, I'm sure you all will be as excited as I am.

Q&A Session #4
Posted 04-30-2010 at 06:19 PM by IceFrog
Updated 04-30-2010 at 07:12 PM by IceFrog
Q: When will we hear more about you and Valve? Some people say it will take 2-3 years, can you give us any clues? (from Zeyall)

A: It certainly won't take that long. There are a lot of very talented people here at Valve that are working hard on it every day to ensure high quality in a timely manner. We'll be making an announcement soon actually, and based on the feedback I've been getting since the last mention, I'm sure you all will be as excited as I am.

Q: Can you tell us how you first met Valve and how you like it so far? (from Sodoes)

A: It started off with an email from Valve where they mentioned that they were big fans of DotA wanted to fly me out to spend some time with them and visit their studio. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the trip. After arriving and chatting with them, the first thing I noticed was how much of their decision making process was like mine. They shared the same aspirations towards building a long term and sustainable community without having short sighted business goals that end up hurting the quality of the game. One of the most important things for me though was that there wasn't going to be anyone standing above telling me how I should be doing things. They trust the developers that have experience to make the best decisions for their playerbase. The atmosphere at Valve allows everyone to be very comfortable and able to focus on what they love doing. It also doesn't hurt that they are huge DotA fans.. until their favorite heroes are nerfed, then I'm the bad guy for a week!

Q: How popular is DotA these days? (from china_white)

A: I can only give estimates based on getdota.com usage, because I can't track ingame downloads or fansites or downloads from China. It is roughly estimated (based on the statistics from popular Chinese sites) that the Chinese DotA audience is about 40-50% of the worldwide audience. Not counting China, the playerbase is estimated to be somewhere between 7-11 million. I expect the audience to grow even more in the not too distant future.

Q: Is your goal to make everything picked the same amount of times? (from j.walsh)

A: I don't think about it that way exactly. Sure it's good if there is a nice distribution and that is something to work towards, but really the goal in DotA's development is, first and foremost, to make the gameplay quality the best it can be. It is the combination of all the heroes, items and mechanics together that makes DotA what it is and not the individual elements alone. Sometimes that means certain things are carefully adjusted to be more frequent than others, sometimes it doesn't, but ultimately the main judge of a game's quality is not in some artificial balance metric, but in the overall gameplay quality and depth that it has.

Q: Can you tell us something about 6.68? (from Carlos)

A: It is still a work in progress and needs some time, but it will have new heroes, more balance improvements, and some new features as well. Here is one of the new heroes in development: Icarus, the Phoenix

Q: What do you think about DotA's future, will it continue to grow? (from Amir)

A: Definitely. I think players like to spend their time on something they both enjoy and trust. While DotA has a lot to offer now in terms of content and gameplay quality, I will always be working hard to improve it and all that work will be maintained when it matures to something that solves all the other non-gameplay elements that it needs to go to the next level. I think it is a good option for players that want to spend time on a game that will grow with them. It also has a very bright future in the competitive scene. In addition to the already announced SMM ($32,000), ESWC ($24,500), a soon to be announced online ($30,000) event and another huge offline event that will be revealed soon, there will also be an even bigger set of opportunities in the future for players that are dedicating their time and energy into DotA. I think players on all levels of play will be satisfied with their choice and experience with the game.

Q:Why are some heroes unavailable in -CM mode? (from Brandom Lim)

A: It is a largely experimental idea so it may or may not remain for the future. There are a lot of different reasons for it though. In some cases it's balance or bug-potential related. Other times it is done to limit the number of simultaneous changes so that certain changes can be more easily measured. In a lot of cases where the above aren't a factor, it is actually done to give enough opportunity for players to understand how to play with and against them and understand the strengths and weaknesses better. This also makes new versions less destabalizing for competitive gaming while still providing a continuous stream of fresh content. That being said though, I've gotten a lot of requests from players that use the mode for casual or semi-competitive play and miss omitted heroes, so I may add a subcommand to unlock all.

Q: What do you think about the fan support of competitive teams? (from Mooseman)

A: Fan support is, for the most part, very good. I think it's great how passionate many of them are about competitive DotA. At times, though, some of them can be a little too judgmental towards teams based on their last few consecutive wins or losses. They have a lot of pressure on them and sometimes they make mistakes or just want to relax and try something different. I don't think it is always fair to judge them for that. They also face top competition regularly, so its hard to win every time. Teams have a lot of pride and spend a lot of time practicing, so it can be demoralizing to them when some fans change their attitudes towards them so fast.

Q: Are we going to see more visual effects in the future? (from Zikaro)

A: Visual upgrades can be a good thing (and they will come in the future) but is extremely important to not add too much visual noise. You want a scene that has a nice atmosphere and theme but isn't too cluttered or shiny that it negatively affects gameplay by making it hard to tell what is going on.

Q: Should we expect to see any more loadscreens by Kunkka? (from 27302)

A: Yes, he is planning a new one now, but I can't tell you when it will be done since it depends on his free time.

Q: Do you use WC3 Editor by itself or other things as well? (from Sasha200)

A: Most of the map development is done outside of the editor actually. There are a lot of separate script files and program tools that are used together to create the map file.

Q: Any interesting bugs or features that were in beta maps? (from OpyyuRDs)

A: We once had a different ability for Techies that used the same visual art and sound effects from starcraft one for the ghost nuke. When he used it, a red indicator would appear on the ground like in Starcraft and then it would play the classic "Nuclear Launch Detected" audio. It sounded a lot cooler than it played out in practice and it was near the end of a beta cycle and had some balancing and design issues, so we decided to remove it instead of rush it in. As far as bugs go, Chaos Knight could pull towers in one beta version, so you were able to have a line of towers pushing on the enemy side!

Q: Will more heroes get an Aghanim upgrade to their ultimate? (from Akder)

A: Yea, I usually try to add some more every version or two. I think it's a good idea to add them in slowly though, instead of too many at once. I've also gotten more requests for extra graphic animations for the ones that already have, so I'll try to find suitable ones for those as well.

Q: What is the hardest part when developing dota? What risks are there? (from Bannion)

A: The hardest part is actually not the development itself, but in how to measure success. The thing I always try to work on the most is increasing the measurability/prediction of a successful patch. The goal is to be able to improve the development process and feedback systems for better accuracy to what reasonates best with players. The riskiest thing is making a change where it might take too long to discover its true impacts on the game where it becomes hard to reverse. We work really hard to eliminate that stuff early on in the theory phase with either careful analysis or specific beta testing.

Q: How do you decide when to release a new patch? (from VinceX)

A: There are two separate considerations for this. The first is frequency. If you update too frequently players do not get a chance to settle into the previous changes and learn the game, if you update too slowly then you aren't providing enough fresh content. It is a balance between the two that I'm always trying to find a happy medium between as I get more feedback from players. The second is when it's "ready". I usually release it as soon as I feel that the value we get out of more internal testing is too low compared to external feedback we'd get from the larger community. If we are still in the experimenting phase where we are trying out ideas then it's not ready. Once it feels like it needs external testing to be able to make more good decisions, then it is released. From my perspective, the game is in constant development and improvement regardless, it just becomes a matter of what is the most effective way to improve something.

Q: What takes the most time each patch? Researching, Balancing, Implementing or Bug Hunting? (from Enders)

A: The two most time consuming are usually research and experimentation. Research involves more than just playing the game, it's also watching replays, reading a wide range of feedback and talking with players. Experimentation is the other time consuming part. It would be fast to just reproduce a patch if I already knew exactly what to do, but the hard part is usually figuring out what you want to do and doing the proper testing before making changes.

Q: What are you most happy about with regards to DotA? (from Artem)

A: I am really thankful for all the support players have given this game, it is more than I could ask for. I see a vibrant community that, despite the very hard learning curve DotA has, grows through the dedication and passion of its players. That shows me how much more potential the game has and encourages me to work harder.

New Heroes Coming In DotA 6.68

If you are waiting for the DotA v. 6.68 then there is a cool news for you! IceFrog has confirmed that there are new heroes coming in Dota 6.68. In the following image below you'll see IceFrog confirming the appearance of new heroes by commenting on his profile page.

Well, IceFrog has not disclosed any information or teaser of the upcoming heroes as he is known for keeping secrets. This is very exciting news because we haven't seen new stuff in DotA 6.67.

If you have any DoTA 6.68 Beta map news, leak or any information, feel free to share it with us.

Puck Invulnerability Bug, DotA 6.67c

After the Linken's Sphere Rune Bug, there is another bug found in the DotA 6.67c. This time the bug is pretty interesting. You can become invulnerable on Puck if you abuse this bug correctly. However, you need to co-ordinate with your opponent which is impossible but you can do it with your friends. This bug can be game-breaking if it's done right way.

Proven Bug!!

1. Pick Puck.
2. Get Tower to hit your Hero.
3. While the Tower hit projectile is in air get charged by Baratharum.
4. Immediately click Phase Shift.
5. What? Just see yourself :p

Note: After becoming Invulnerable you can't pick up or use any items but you can get damage items so you can pwn during invulnerability :)

Credits to Kuarinofu & Zhuk.zu

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