DreamDota Download - Advanced Micro Hack for DotA

DreamDota is an advanced micro hack for DotA which works both Battle.net and Garena. This hack is specially designed for DotA players and it has some cool features such as. Auto Creeping (last hitting and deny), Damage Viewer, Ping Maphack, Scoreboard hotkey and more. Check it out!

DreamDota Features & Usage Guide:

• Auto Last Hit and Deny (Hotkey: "~")
- Hold "~" key to start Auto Last Hit and Deny creeps on yoru Hero, release the key to move freely.

- When you hold the hotkey, it shows range indicator. Ranged heroes only attack creeps within their range, Melee heroes will auto move and attack creeps within 700 range.

- If an enemy heroes come while you are auto creeping, your hero will start hitting that hero but it will auto last hit creeps to because it has higher priority.
- If your hero is getting attacked by creeps, It will try to evade attack by using attack command on your allied creeps.

• Model Improvements:
- Modifies the model of some heroes so you can click them easily.

For e.g. Venomancer, Bane Elemental, Treant Protector, Gondar.

• Scoreboard (Hotkey: Tab).
- Makes "Tab" key as a default hotkey for the scoreboard.

• Damage Viewer (Hotkey: Home)
- Whenever your attack, heal and receive damage it shows the value in Digits.

• Auto Avoid Spells:
DreamDota has features which allows your hero to automatically evade some spells such as:

* Pudge's Meat Hook.
* Priestess of the Moon, Elune Arrow
* Windrunner's Shackleshot.
* Kunkka's Torrent
* Tidehunter's Ravage (if you have Kelen's Dagger)

• Maphack and Rune Detector (Hotkey: End)
DreamDota has a safe and undetectable maphack.

- It shows red pings on the location of your enemy heroes on the minimap so, you don't get caught.
- It shows a message on your screen whenever a rune spawns.

• Some Misc. Micro Hacks:

* Spectre's Spectral Dagger routing:
- When you walk oustide of Spectral Dagger path, your hero will reinterpreted as a straight path towards your destination.

* Pandaren Brewmaster's Primal Split:
- When you cast Primal Split, DreamDota automatically uses the Earth Panda's Stun to the closest hostile target in your range and Storm Panda cyclones the stronger enemy in your range.
• Storm Spirit Combo:
- Whenever you cast a spell on Storm Spirit, your hero attacks the closest enemy hero in your range so, you can make full use of your 3rd Skill Overload.

• Shadow Shaman Mass Serpant Ward Prison:
- When you cast Rhasta's Mass Serpent Ward near an enemy hero, the wards location will be auto adjusted to trap that hero in directly in your snakes.

• Advanced 4-units blocking.
- If you have at least 4 units that have collisions. Select them and use "Move" command using "M" key and click the enemy hero. It will try to surround the enemy hero so he doesn't escape.

Download DreamDotA:
DreamDotAv9.5.rar (mirror 1)
* Fixed Version, Now works properly with Garena.

Old Version (incase if new doesn't work properly)
DreamDota v9.3.rar

DreamDota Guide:

In order to install DreamDota you must have the following.

1. Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, 1.24b / 1.24c / 1.24d / 1.24e
2. DotA Allstars Map 6.63 - 6.67c
3. Windows 7, XP, Vista or 2000.
4. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable Package installed, get it from here.

Installation Guide:
• Download DreamDota.
• Extract the files in your Warcraft 3 Folder.
• Run Warcraft 3 and Enjoy!

- Some Anti-virus Programs detects DreamDotA as a virus, it is because of the the DreamDota encryption. It's a false positive. Just add DreamDotA in your Anti-virus exceptions list.
- Edit DreamDota.ini file, if you want to change the hotkeys of DreamDota. You may check Keycodes.txt file for the possible hotkeys.
- Use DreamDota at your own risk, DotA-Utilities will not be responsible if anything happens to you.

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