Garena Universal Maphack 7.0 for Warcraft 1.24e Patch Garena Maphack

GarenaHack-er has released a Garena Universal Maphack 7.0 which does not modify any Garena files nor it requires any Garena Hack/Crack. This Garena Universal maphack supports the latest Warcraft v1.24e Patch and previous versions. It is currently undetectable in Garena. Check the Download Link & Guide of using GUMH.

Download Link:
Garena Universal Maphack v7.0.rar (New version, works as of 8/27/2010)

* New Version is now available, works with the 8/27/2010 Garena Update.

• Download Garena Universal Maphack from the link above.
• Extract it to any folder then start "Garena Universal MH.exe"
• Set your Warcraft 3 Path from the top.
• Then Click "Start Garena Universal Maphack"
• Now run Warcraft 3 using Garena client.
• Here you go!

Dota 6.69 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.69 Download Update & News

Dota 6.69 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.69 Download News and Update. Icarus the Phoenix didn't make his way to Dota 6.68 and probably will be included on the next map which is Dota 6.69. Dota 6.69 will probably contains a lot of balances after the huge changes on Dota 6.68. This post will provide you with the latest Dota 6.69 updates.And if the map is already out, don't forget to check the Dota 6.69 AI post.

Update 1 from IceFrog (16 August 2010):
Seems the DotA 6.69 patch will contains quick updates which most of it will be balances. Check it the details out on this post.

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Valve Files A Trademark For "DOTA"

A few days after voice actor Jon St. John (best known as Duke Nukem) tweeted about doing work on Valve's unannounced Defense of the Ancients, Superannuation has noted a trademark filed by the publisher with the US Patent and Trademark Office for "DOTA."

We're following up with Valve again for an official response, but you know how this one goes. It's okay, Valve -- you can talk to us. There's no shame in working on DotA. We're okay with it, nobody is judging you -- we'll still give you bro hugs and use Steam even after you come out with it.

Here is the Valve 'DOTA' Trademark on USPTO:

Mark : 'DOTA'
Applicant on Record: Valve Corporation

Valve Corporation
10500 NE 8th St Ste 1000
Bellevue, WA 980044359
United States
Legal Entity Type: Corporation
State or Country of Incorporation: Washington
Phone Number: 509.241.1502
Fax Number: 509.232.2112

Date applied: August 10 2010

International Class: 009
Class Status: Active
Computer game software; Electronic game software; Video game software

Dota 6.68AI Map | Dota Allstars 6.68AI Map Download

After IceFrog fixed Dota 6.68 bug and released the fixed version Dota 6.68b I haven't seen any Dota 6.68 AI Maps Downloads that are ready for download but as soon as I have found one I will update this post.

For the meantime you may subscribe for Winziph newsletter by entering your email address at the SUBSCRIBE HERE portion of the blog which is located at the right side of this post so that I may send you the latest update of the availability Dota 6.68 AI map download. So guys don't miss to comeback here and check the latest updates of Dota 6.68 AI Map which is releasing very soon.

1Blood Garena Hacks-GarenaM4st3r | Garena Master Hack

GarenaM4st3r is an opensource Garena hack project which removes all the restrictions from Garena gaming client. It has a lots of features including built-in Garena Exp hack, Drophack, NameSpoofer, Auto-room joiner etc. Also, you may use any Warcraft 3 hack safely without any ban, you may use Cheat Engine too. GarenaMaster hack project was originally started by m4st3r but there are many people who contributed in it's development. With this, you can hack Garena with no limits.


* Warcraft 1.24e maphack (b/c/d patch also)
* Garena Namespoofer
* Garena Auto Room Joiner
* Removes 5 second error while joining game room
* Shows Pings in Digits
* Hack protection removed
* EXP hack (100/15min Gold, 50/15min Basic)
* Leave Room while playing
* Garena Ladder stats in Warcraft 3 Chat.
* Garena Super Admin, Gold, Premium, Platinum Styles
* Warcraft 3 Drophack
* Hide ads in Garena
* Warcraft 1.24d Cooldown hack
* Warcraft 3 Mana Bars
* More features are being added in automatic updates :)

Garena Master Download Link: Garena Master hack v27 b
Garena Master v27b [work as of April 30, 2010] latest! [mirror 1]
Garena Master v27b [mirror 2]

Step by Step, Guide:
1. Download Garena Master from the links given above:
2. Extract the files to any folder.
3. Run Garena (must be official one) and do not login.
4. Now run GarenaM4St3R.exe from the extracted files.
5. Select your desired features, you want in Garena and click Patch!
6. It should say: "Done! View log for more info"
7. Now Login your ID in Garena your started in step#3
8. Enjoy

• If Garena updates, do not use this patcher & wait for the GarenaM4st3r to update.
• Run as administrator if you are running it on Windows 7 or Vista.
• Try disabling Auto-Room Joiner feature if you are having problems.
• You can find more information about GarenaM4sT3r inside "CLI Version" folder.
• Check the GarenaM4St3r's Official website for the updates.

DotA 6.67b AI Rev2c Map Download, Fourth Release!

This is the 4th release of the Dota 6.67b AI series. PleaseBugMeNot and Phaselock both helped Harreke to fix the bugs which were appeared ota6.67b AI Rev2b. Hopefully this map will be a stable version, you can download this map and play it.

DotA v6.67b AI Revision.2c Changelog:

1. Fixed the actual skill when Puck`s trying to use Dream Coil with scepter (last fix just added Dream coil to the scepter`s spells dream team).
2. Track`s buff was not visible when in range of tracked enemy
3. Track`s visual on enemy head was not disappearing after Track`s 30 sec end
4. Fixed Soul Steal channeling text in the tooltip
5. Added passive icon for Strygwyr's Thirst
6. Added passive icon for Plague
7. Fixed a rare Mac issue with shared Soul Ring
8. Fixed casting distance exploits with Skewer
9. Changed Soul Ring icon / added the new icon to the map
10. Nerubian Weaver: Added Hardened passive skill icon of the swarm bugs (BTNHardenedSkin.blp)
11. Nerubian Assasin: Added Missile Speed of Carrion Scarabs (undeadunitfunc)
12. Nerubian Assasin: Impale damage reduced from 80/160/230/300 to 80/140/200/260(6.67)
13. Game-wide sound gets muted when Global Silence is used (173422)
14. Fixed memory leak (6.67c) in Silence trigger. (tnx PhaseLock)
15. Curse of the Silent now displays a buff indicator
16. Bristleback - Warpath maximum stacks increased from 4 to 5
17. Fixed error in Broodmother`s item build - she was staying with Wraith and RoR at late end game. Now buys HoT and Linken`s Sphere
18. Fixed the prices of some recipes/items for the AI:
- Manta Style Recipe increased from 500 to 600
- Dagon Recipe decreased from 1350 to 1300
- Sange Recipe decreased from 800 to 750
- Yasha Recipe decreased from 800 to 750
19. Added some new items in Pugna`s item build (now he buys scepter... what a smart guy)
20. Fixed Mekansm not healing Visage's Familiars

If you have found any bugs in this release, please report!

Download Dota 6.67b AI Rev2c (6/20/2010) Map:
DotA Allstars v6.67b Rev2c AI.rar (mirror 1)

Dota 6.68c Map | Official Dota-Allstars 6.68c Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.68c Map Download News. Yes, This post is dedicated for the upcoming map which is DotA Allstars 6.68c. This map will surely contain new heroes, balancing & maybe some items because in the previous release we have seen a lots of changes but sometimes, changes cause imbalance in the gameplay which is very bad.

Dota 6.68c Download Link
Dota 6.68c Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.68c Download - MegaUpload Mirror
Dota 6.68c Download - GetDota Mirror

Check Dota-Allstars 6.68c Changelogs.

You may also share your reviews and thoughts about the recent changes, what do you think? Are they balance?

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