Kill Roshan at Level 1 Hero Line Up

Nowadays, it’s possible to take Roshan at level 1 and get the advantages over the enemy. Imagine when you’re start your match with one of your friend already on level 5? Great isn’t it? But taking Roshan at level 1 is also risky. If you failed or taking too long, you can start the match under leveled. Here is 7 line up who can kill Roshan even before the creeps appear:

Old School Line Up

+ 2 random heroes

Those 3 is the best combination to kill Roshan. Fury Swipes on Ursa, Frost Amor casted on Syllabear Bear and that’s all. But if you pick these hero, i guess most of the team will realize what’s your plan ^^ And here’s some more combination that’s less obvious for Roshan at level 1.

Line Up 1

Zeus : Arc Lightning, to get rid of Roshan’s linken ability so Panda can use Drunken Haze
Panda : Drunken Haze, make Roshan’s attack miss
Enigma : Eidolons, taking from Furion summons
Furion : Force of Nature
Lycan: Howl, adding damage to all the summons and heroes

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, heroes have random stat items

Level 5 Candidates: Zeus

Line Up 2

Broodmother : Incapacitating Bite, slow
Dazzle : Shadow Wave, heal
Shadow Fiend : Presence of the Dark Lord, reduce armor aura
Templar Assassin : Meld, reduce armor
Alchemist : Acid Spray, reduce armor

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, Stat items for hitter

Level 5 Candidates:Broodmother, Shadow Fiend, Templar Assassin

Line Up 3

Ursa Warrior : Fury Swipes for obvious reason, stacking damage
Crystal Maiden : Crystal Nova, slow effect
Omniknight : Purification, heal
Witch Doctor : Voodoo Restoration, heal
Skeleton King : Vampiric Aura

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, Stat items for hitter

Level 5 Candidates :Ursa Warrior

Line Up 4


Juggernaut : Healing Ward, heal
Lich : Frost Armor, slow Roshan when hit the tanker
Tidehunter : Gush, reduce armor
Vengeful Spirit : Wave of Terror, reduce armor
Rhasta : Shackles, remove Roshan’s linken for Gush

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, Stat items for hitter

Level 5 Candidates : Lich, Juggernaut

Line Up 5

Beastmaster : Inner Beast, attack speed aura
Drow Ranger : Frost Arrows
Lina : Light Strike Array, stun
Venomancer : Plague Ward
Abaddon : Aphotic Shield

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, Stat items for hitter

Level 5 Candidates : Beastmaster, Lina

Line Up 6

Rooftrellen : Living Armor
Morphling : Morph, max the Agility for max damage
Syllabear : Summon Spirit Bear, tanking damage
Enchantress : Nature’s Attendants, heal
Viper : Nethertoxin, add damage

Both RoB and Headdress are used for their auras, Stat items for hitter

Level 5 Candidates : Viper

Of course you can switch hero between that line up who has the same role. What do you think? If you have another line up, share it here!

Awesome Tricks on DotA 6.68c DotA Tricks 7

At last, Kuarinofu released his latest DotA Trick series, DotA Tricks 7. You can see some awesome tricks which you may not see it yet. Check out the detailed time line under the video. Enjoy!

1-0.18 Attacking illusions will not cause creeps to Attack you
2-0.30 Stacking Orchid to get Imba damage

3-0.45 Heroes are able to use instant click items during TP or getting silenced (except for Doom's Ulti)
4-0.55 BKB + Ethereal Blade will prevent you from getting any damage
5-1.05 You can blink towards Tidehunter to dodge his Ravage
6-1.13 Transfer Hp to Allies without losing any HP by using Eul's Scepter
7-1.21 Gyro's Missile can be Purged to destroy it
8-1.28 You can also Decrepify the missile to prevent enemies from attacking the missile
9-1.36 Stacking Venom Orb with Mana Burn by buying the Venom Orb before leveling up Mana Burn
10-1.47 Escaping Static Field using Skills/Items with MS more than 550
11-1.56 Extending Wisp's Tether by moving further Away
11-2.08 Hooking Enemies/Allies to original location be casting hook before being teleported by Wisp
11-2.15 You can Tether to Beast Master's Bird to get away easily
12-2.25 Using Wisp's 1st and 3rd skill together on Syllabear's Bear to gain Imba Attack Speed
13-2.35 Using Wisp's Relocate to surprise gang your enemies
14-2.56 You can Sell item through Hero Circle when in need of money

Video by Kuarinofu
Time line by Joon Kiat

DotAzilla V 1.2.0

DotAzilla learns a new feature:-
Dear Dota-Throne users,
we have been monitoring SIG games and the overall DotA playstyle for a while. Lots of people use third party programs, assisting them in their daily DotA play.
A few of them are considered hacks and have major impact on the gameplay, giving blatant advantages to single players.
Other addons have proven to be useful, Examples are hotkey tools or the first programs that provided permanent health bars. Meanwhile, some of such changes made their way into the retail version of Warcraft 3 and Blizzards latest release, Starcraft 2.

Another third party program that is currently getting more and more popular is Mana bars. It takes valid information, the mana of visible heroes, and displays an additional blue bar below the health bar. It helps maintaining an overview about the nearby heroes mana.
Some say it is an advantage, some say it is not. We decided to put a modified version of it into the latest DotAzilla version and make it available for everyone in order to keep the fairest play for everybody.
The upcoming version 1.2.0 of DotAzilla will contain an adaptation of the ManaBars utility with some modifications and fixes. It shows mana bars for yourself and your team mates. It is opt-in (see DZ settings) and can of course be enabled/disabled on the users demand.
Along with mana bars come many fixes, e.g. working !priv/pubrehost on Windows Vista/7, ability to display localized messages with diacritis ingame and more...

What is DotAzilla?

is Dota-Throne very own DotA helper tool, designed to enhance the user's playing experience by providing useful features and allowing advanced statistics generation.

is designed to be as easy as possible, just start it and forget it, it will discover Warcraft and SIGs automatically, no need for you to do anything. It can auto start Warcraft if you wish, so no extra click needed. It automatically updates itself, so you always have the latest features and improvements with you. It is unobtrusive, it will reside only as a tray icon most of the time and it uses almost no system resources, to not impact your playing experience besides its helping features.

Supported and tested platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download DotAzilla NOW!
DotAzilla Setup (v1.1.9) (0.99 MB)
DotAzilla ZIP-Archive (v1.1.9) (1.13 MB)

Current version: 1.2.0 (DotAzilla will automatically update itself!)

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