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DotA 6.70c AI Plus Map Download. PleaesBugMeNot has released another map AI, DotA 6.70c AI code name "Gagarin". This card is brought to v6.70c DotA Official and AI contains Tuskar and Phoenix than you expected. PBMN Invoker AI has also improved and memory leaks fixed the previous AI DotA 6.69c and is seeking comments.

DotA 6.70c AI Map Download:

DotA v6.70c AI.rar (mirror 1)

DotA Allstars v6.70c AI EN English

- Download the map from the mirror link above, extract the map in your "Warcraft 3\Maps\Download" folder using WinRar. The rar file also contains 6.70c AI Changelogs.

Here is a short story related to this map:

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. He was the first human being to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on April 12, 1961. Here, 50 years after his space adventure I devote this release to the name: GAGARIN.

Enjoy DotA Allstars v6.70c AI codenamed: "GAGARIN"!

Thanks to PBMN for releasing this update, You can provide feedback about this AI on his PBMN blog.

Download DotA Map 6.72 (News & Updates)

DotA 6.72 is the next card in the series IceFrog DotA. In later versions, there was a lot of new heroes and presented a few elements. DotA 6.72 is likely to be another patch balance as DotA 6.71. IceFrog may introduce some elements of gameplay changes and suggestions from the community.

Update # 2: Meepo Aghanim's upgrade (April 13, 2011):

IceFrog shared a picture on its Beta Dota 6.72 PlayDota profile page. In this picture you can see Geomancer ultimate is to have a bug that allows it to carry more than one Aghanim Scepters ultimate improvements.

Nice to see its final polished Meepo get in this fix. We hope that other heroes do balanced / polished as well.

Update # 1: 6.72 IceFrog assessment (17 February 2011):
IceFrog asked for suggestions for future DotA 6.72 in his blog.

6.72 development runs smoothly. I wonder what you guys hope to see or other future releases. You can share your thoughts by commenting on the blog or send me an email. DotA is nearing the maximum size of the map for Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne is 8MB. V6.71 was the last 7.33MB yes, it probably means that IceFrog versions may publish new content with a couple before DotA 2 goes live.

Anyway, this page is created for DotA 6.72 AI &. Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions for the plan this next!

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